High Rise Women: Top 10 Women leaders in SaaS of 2022

Women leaders in SaaS

Women leaders in SaaS: Top 10 Women leaders in the SaaS industry of 2022

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry continues to grow, with some forecasting a 25.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from $143.8 billion this year to $720.4 billion in 2028. Additionally, a rise in the number of businesses attempting to digitize additional aspects of their operations has intensified the competition among SaaS providers. This year’s list of accomplished Women leaders in SaaS has led their businesses to innovation and success in a variety of software fields, including document generation, enterprise resource planning, education administration, Cybersecurity, and others.

Ellucian President and CEO Laura Ipsen, who leads her organization’s strategy to innovate across the higher education technology sector through an industry-leading cloud transformation journey and led to Ellucian’s sale to Blackstone and Vista Equity Partners in 2021, is one of the distinguished honorees on this year’s list of Women leaders in SaaS.

This year’s list of Women leaders in SaaS comes from a wide range of positions in the C-suite and beyond, including CEO, CISO, CHRO, SVP, and Director of Software Engineering. They all have a proven track record of success in tackling the most difficult problems the industry has to offer.

The top ten SaaS Women leaders of 2022.

1. Ellucian’s President and Chief Executive Officer are Laura Ipsen, one of the best Women leaders in SaaS. Ellucian is the main advanced education innovation arrangements supplier, serving more than 26 million understudies at 2,700+ organizations in more than 50 nations. Over 1,200 customers have used Ellucian’s cloud-based applications thus far. Ellucian acquired CampusLogic, a prominent EdTech provider of student financial success solutions, in 2022 under the direction of Ipsen, one of the best Women leaders in SaaS.

2. Marne Martin IFS’s President of Service Management, EAM & Global Industries is Marne Martin, one of the Women leaders in SaaS. Martin also works to help girls and women get into STEM fields. He has won a few awards, like the ACQ 5 Global Awards’ 2016 CEO Gamechanger of the Year (FSM), and Executive Awards’ 2015 Field Service CEO of the Year.

3. Julie Davila is the Federal Chief Technology Officer of Sophos. She is a global Women leader in SaaS and an innovator in cutting-edge Cybersecurity solutions. Sophos is one of the biggest pure-play Cybersecurity providers, protecting over 500,000 businesses and 100 million users.

4. Bernadette Nixon, another Women leader in the SaaS industry, is an entrepreneur and driven CEO who is focused on growing and scaling global businesses at Algolia. She oversaw the company’s acquisition of Search.io in September 2022.

5. Another woman leader in the SaaS industry is Katherine Kostereva. She is the founder and CEO of Creatio, a global provider of a single platform for automating workflows and CRM with the least amount of code and freedom possible.

6. Jamie Kiser (tie)

Another woman leader in SaaS ranks, Jamie Kiser is Chief Operating Officer at Talend, a cloud data integration and integrity company, where she has worked for nearly three years. Kiser is in charge of all of the company’s operations in her position. Kiser also held the position of Chief Customer Officer at Talend, where he was in charge of all of the company’s functions that dealt with customers.

7. Mona Bates (tie)

Mona Bates is Collins Aerospace’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), making her one of several Women leaders in SaaS. Bates uses her expertise in digital technology in this position to ensure customer success, streamline business operations, and enhance digital employee experiences.

8. Svenja de Vos

Svenja de Vos is a Women leader in the SaaS industry as well. She is the Chief Technology Officer of Leaseweb, one of the largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting brands in the world with more than 80,000 servers under management.De Vos joined LeaseWeb in 2016 and has since developed the company’s cloud hosting and Cybersecurity services, leading the technical vision.

9. Jennifer Dixon is the Senior Vice President of Global Client Services at Nielsen, a global Women leader in SaaS, data, and analytics. She is one of several Women leaders in SaaS. The most prestigious award an employee can receive is the Arthur C. Nielsen Award, which Dixon received in 2022.

10. Angelique Sottek

Angelique Sottek, one of more Women leaders in SaaS, is Head of Advanced Learning and Improvement of Scopevisio AG. Since 2007, Scopevisio has been developing cloud-based enterprise software for medium-sized businesses, making it one of Germany’s most successful cloud ERP providers. Sottek started the Scope Academy in the spring of 2022 to design and manage the company’s internal training and development.

This is only a small selection of the remarkable Women leaders of SaaS companies. Beyond this list, the SaaS industry‘s inclusion, sustainability, and resilience are centered on these and a great number of other remarkable Women leaders. We wish them continued success and strength!

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