Now is the Time to Meet the Top 10 Women in Web3

Women in web3

The top 10 women in Web3 have recently had a strong impact on the advancement of women in technology

Web3 aims to decentralize the web’s economy and change how we interact with technology. Less than 5% of all crypto are female entrepreneurs, but this ratio is starting to shift as more women in web3 make investments in blockchain-based assets and launch their own companies in the young sector. The rise of women in web3 is beginning to kick off. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant women in Web3.

1.Krista Kim

Digital NFT artist Krista Kim founded the Techism movement and designed the Mars House. She investigates the idea of digital awareness in her art, which uses shifting gradients to create contemplative effects. She founded the Techism movement in 2014 to encourage artists and women in web3 in order to advance digital humanism for digital culture in reaction to society’s overreliance on technology.

2.Kathleen Brietman

Dynamic Ledger Solutions, which was the original developer of Tezos, has Kathleen Breitman as its co-founder and CEO. An on-chain governance system is a feature of the blockchain-based smart contract platform Tezos.

Besides the Wall Street Journal, the woman in tech also worked for Accenture and Bridgewater Associates. Tezos, the 43rd-largest blockchain in the world, is now under her leadership and has a market valuation of roughly $1.36 billion. She has paved way for many women in web3 to step into the field through her organization.

3.Cathy Hackl

Author of Navigating the Metaverse and founder and chief metaverse officer of Journey, Cathy Hackl. Journey creates immersive Web3 experiences in collaboration with the greatest brands in the world.

She is a recognized metaverse, Web3, and tech futurist on a global scale. She has worked on metaverse initiatives throughout her career with prestigious organizations including HTC, VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. The woman in the metaverse has additionally appeared in the metaverse coverage on 60 Minutes+, WSJ, TIME, and WIRED.

4.Kristin Smith

The Blockchain Association, a lobbying group that seeks to improve the regulatory climate for companies using blockchain technology, was founded and is run by Kristin Smith.

She worked on Capitol Hill as a congressional aide and lobbyist for fifteen years prior to creating the Blockchain Association. The female entrepreneur started the Blockchain Association in 2018 after realising the difficulties facing the cryptocurrency business.

5.Amber Allen

Double A Labs, an enterprise metaverse platform with more than 1,500 worldwide activations and 3+ billion impressions, was founded and is led by Amber Allen. She is a recognised authority on hybrid and metaverse events. The woman in tech is a mentor and a leader in the community who serves on the advisory boards of the Raiden Science Foundation and the Game Development & Design Program at UT, where she has been instrumental for the increase of women in web3.

6.Deborah Ojengbede

The CEO of AFEN Blockchain, a platform for digitising African art, real estate, and education, is Deborah Ojengbede. The platform’s centralised market place makes it simple to research, acquire, and dispose of NFT assets.

The female entrepreneur established AFEN Group to offer a one-stop shop for purchasing and selling real estate (Metacitti), minting, purchasing, and selling NFT-based artwork (NftyTribe), and taking online courses on Web3 and cryptocurrency-related topics.

7.Shiti Manghani

The chief marketing officer of STEPN, a Web3 lifestyle app for health and fitness, Shiti Manghani, says that users buy sneakers in the form of NFTs to track their outdoor jogs and earn GST, or the game’s utility token Green Satoshi, which can be exchanged for money or used to advance in the app’s levels. STEPN wants to link millions of people to Web3 while encouraging them to lead healthier lives. Shiti Manghani, the women in tech has been playing a key role for the success of the company once again proving that women in web3 are rising steadily.

8.Mukaya “Tai” Panich

Siam Commercial Bank, the third-largest bank in Thailand, has a fintech subsidiary called SCBX. Its CEO is Mukaya “Tai” Panich. SCB 10X is the subsidiary’s investment and venture-building arm for digital technology.

She held senior vice president positions at Marathon Asset Management and Pictet Asset Management before joining SCB 10X. SCB 10X looks into venture capital investments in cutting-edge crypto-adjacent technologies like the blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse.

9.Elizabeth Stark

Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning Labs Elizabeth Stark is assisting in the development of a programmable financial layer for the internet with the use of scalable blockchain technologies. Before co-founding Lightning Labs, Stark was an open-source software, P2P technology, and privacy lecturer at Yale and Stanford. Additionally, she is a well-known cryptocurrency specialist on Twitter with close to 150,000 followers.

10.Swan Sit

Swan Sit worked for Nike, Estée Lauder, and Revlon as the global head of digital marketing before becoming a creator. She currently has 3.7 million viewers and Forbes has dubbed her “the Queen of Clubhouse.” She has experience working on numerous projects and offers advice on Web3 and NFTs. She has been ranked among the Top 100 Community Leaders for 2022 by The NFT Now.

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