Ekta Kapoor-Style Spicy Daily Soaps Become Reality for Many Women!

Daily soaps have become reality, which has led to domestic violence and women’s discrimination.

Meghna Mehta, a lawyer by profession, asserts in a series of tweets that many women unhappily experience the terrible stories of discrimination against women portrayed in sassy daily soaps in Ekta Kapoor fashion. It takes many different forms and occurs every day. While some courageous people choose to fight it, many others choose to remain silent.  

Women are subjected to soap operas far too frequently, which is nothing more than discrimination against women, resulting in the undervaluation and silence of their voices. There are far too many problems in both personal and professional life. Domestic violence, dowry, marital rape, and several other problems are marriage-related and are in their face.

Amid conversations, a Twitter user established a hot topic about contemporary Indian women looking for grooms who live distant from their families.

Meghna Mehta argues in a series of tweets that many women unhappily experience all the Ekta Kapoor-style horror women discrimination stories depicted in sassy daily soaps. There’s a reason why homemakers still find daily soaps to be so appealing. Urban Gen Z youngsters might chuckle, but we need to take our mothers’ lives out of the rose-colored glasses.

These soap operas depict a variety of nasty behaviors that many women have to put up with daily, including demand for dowries, comments about weight and skin color, and other forms of domestic violence.

Mehta claims that the issue doesn’t end there and that if a lady were to get widowed, there is a good chance that her in-laws would expel her. Not only is the lady returned to her paternal house, but she is also denied the ability to claim any marital benefits such as inheriting money or property.

Before anyone says that women are also sinister and fabricate evidence, etc., it may be true, but statistically speaking, marriage is still more of a losing venture for women. We can learn from the past, so perhaps that’s why guys these days are finding it so “challenging” to find a spouse.

The lawyer’s views on the soap opera in real life, which primarily center on women’s discrimination, have ignited a contentious discussion online about misogyny and how Indian marital customs are becoming exploitative for both men and women.

In Indian culture, being born a woman might be considered a curse for some women. As we have seen in many daily soaps, women in India struggle greatly throughout their lives with a variety of societal concerns relating to domestic violence and problems that start as early as conception. In Indian civilization, female infanticide is the most popular method of killing a girl child while she is still inside her mother. Women in India are sometimes seen as a financial burden by their parents and husbands because they are believed to be merely in the country to spend their entire lives without working.

Even though a lot more women are starting to work for pay in a variety of professions, many housewives’ circumstances haven’t changed much from what we see on daily soaps.

In Indian society, women have always been viewed as less valuable than men. There has been discrimination against women as well as a variety of problems in their lives as a result of this form of inferiority. To establish their equality with men, they must do more effort than males. Women were never allowed to walk outside and engage in social events like men did because people in the middle ages saw them as the key to ruin.

Women still confront a lot more challenges in the modern world, and they work very hard to build successful careers. Many parents still prefer to have only boy children and to let boys attend school. This is a typical soap opera with gender inequality that we have seen on numerous daily soaps

The only way for women to deal with or escape such domestic violence may be through financial breakthroughs.

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