Top 10 Women Making an Impact in Industrial IoT


Women in tech are spreading across the IoT industry. Top 10 women in the IoT industry.

The gender pay gap in technology is still present. Though there aren’t many women in tech generally, there are lots of them inventing in the IoT industry. Even though 2022 was a record-breaking year for venture capital investments, only 2% of the $85 billion went to female-led firms, although many women are starting IoT startups. Several female professionals in the IoT industry are constructing cutting-edge technologies that have a real-world impact. The top 10 women in the IoT industry are listed below.

1. Dr. Sarah Cooper

Dr. Sarah Cooper serves as vice chairwoman of the Internet of Things Community, the biggest online community dedicated to IoT, in addition to being the general manager of AWS’s IoT products. She has been involved in numerous technological and IoT developments.

2. Nadine L. Manjaro

Nadine has had a distinguished career creating IoT solutions for numerous businesses, including Tech Mahindra and Verizon Wireless. At the moment, she serves as Beyond Machine to Machine Communications’ CEO and principal consultant, offering businesses IoT consulting services to help them navigate possible IoT prospects. She also serves on the advisory board of IoT6 Exchange, an event devoted to developing IoT and smart infrastructure. She has also published studies on the IoT sector and holds a patent for automated device activation.

3. Caralynn Nowinski Collens

A nonprofit innovation accelerator called UI Labs seeks to use digital technologies to transform several industries. At its Chicago innovation hub, it held the first-ever “Women in Manufacturing” event in 2016. In addition to her work at UI Labs, Caralynn is a member of the ChicagoNEXT Council of technology executives and an Illinois Innovation & Competitiveness Council member chosen by the governor.

4. Deborah Sherry

In terms of digital transformation, Deborah Sherry is a fantastic thought leader and role model. She also serves as the head of GE Digital’s European Division and has written extensively about innovation for the GE blog. In 2017, the Financial Times named her one of the top LGBT allies in business. To stop the global spread of anti-LGBT prejudice, she founded Open for Business before joining GE.

5. Rhonda Dirvin

Rhonda works for Arm, but she is also a Board Director and Founder Member of the OpenFog Consortium, which strives to construct a vibrant OpenFog ecosystem, build operational models and testbeds, define and advance technology, educate the market, and encourage business growth.

6. Tanja Ruekert

In the field of digital transformation, Tanja has made a name for herself. She oversees SAP’s whole end-to-end manufacturing, supply chain management, integrated logistics, asset management, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 projects. She holds two additional positions in addition to her job at SAP: vice chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium and a member of the university council at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

7. Cyra Richardson

Cyra not only oversees three separate IoT-focused engineering teams at Microsoft, but she also holds seven patents and, in her spare time, mentors startup founders to assist them to overcome their organizational, social, and technological difficulties. One of the teams she oversaw created a cloud service that streamlined industrial device connecting, data collection, reporting, and analytics.

8. Terri Lewis

For Caterpillar’s Energy and Transportation industry vertical, Terri oversaw the creation and implementation of the technology-enabled solutions strategy. Plans to use augmented and virtual reality will cause their services to become increasingly more remote and real throughout the following years.

9. Maria Håkansson

Before her current position, Maria held the position of Vice President of IoT at Ericsson. She is also the CEO of Swedfund, the Swedish government’s development finance organization. By building enduring businesses in some of the most challenging and promising development markets in the world, their goal is to end poverty.

10. Christine Billaud

Volvo CE is being driven by Christine Billaud to develop into a full-service provider of connected, intelligent products and services. She has given speeches and serves on the CIONET Advisory Board in addition to these roles.

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