Women as Governors will Hit Double Digits for the 1st Time in 2023!

Female governors, a record amount for 2023. LGBTQ supporting American women for Massachusetts

In 2023, there will be a record amount of female governors in the US. Even yet, the record-breaking number of 12 will only account for a small portion of the top executives in all 50 states. The Centre for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University claims that the previous record of nine women in the house holding office at the same time was achieved in 2004.

Both parties sought to diversify their ranks of elected people before Election Day, both in Congress and elsewhere, and they seem to be on course to accomplish so. John James, who will be the first Black Republican congressman from Michigan, is one of the new lawmakers of color that House Republicans will be adding to their conference.

Democrats will achieve a major victory for the representation of LGBTQ and women candidates in governor’s offices. Democrats Maura Healey and Tina Kotek will become the first openly lesbian governors in the US in Massachusetts and Oregon, respectively.

Republican The former press secretary for President Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will lead Arkansas as its first female governor. Wes Moore, a Democrat, will be the first Black governor of Maryland.

Listed below are the candidates so far:

1. Alabama

AL-SEN: The number of women in the house has indeed increased. Republican Katie Britt, who won a contest for an open seat to succeed her former employer, retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby, would become the first elected female senator from Alabama. Britt, a former CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, was the overwhelming favorite in the state’s general election. Alabama has had two female senators in the past, but both were filled-in positions.

2. Arkansas

AR-GOV: Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders will become Arkansas’ first female governor and take over the position her father had held for more than ten years. The only daughter in US history to hold the office of governor of the same state her father formerly presided over, Sanders gained national attention for her work as press secretary in the Trump administration. Sarah. Sanders is already well known among American women for her work towards women empowerment while working in the press. 

AR-LG: Republican Leslie Rutledge will become Arkansas’ first lieutenant female governor. After Sanders entered the GOP gubernatorial primary, Rutledge, the state’s attorney general, decided to run for lieutenant governor instead of the open governor’s seat. In Arkansas, lieutenant governors run on separate ballots.

3. California

CA-SOS: Another woman in the house, Democrat Shirley Weber will become California’s first elected Black secretary of state. The position has been held by Weber, a former state assemblywoman, since last year after Newsom chose her to succeed Padilla, who was appointed to the US Senate.

CA-42: Democrat Robert Garcia, who was elected to California’s 42nd Congressional District, will be the first openly LGBTQ immigrant to be elected to Congress. Garcia, the current mayor of Long Beach, emigrated from Lima, Peru, in the early 1980s at the age of 5.

4. Colorado

CO-08: After her rival, Republican state senator Barbara Kirkmeyer, conceded the campaign for the newly created 8th Congressional District in the state, which is located north of Denver, Democratic state representative Yadira Caraveo is expected to become the first Latina elected to Congress from Colorado. The parents of Caraveo are immigrants from Mexico. She won the votes of the majority of American women in the region. 

5. Massachusetts 

MA-GOV: Another female governor Democrat Maura Healey, who won the campaign for governor of Massachusetts in an open seat, will be one of the first lesbian governors in US history. Healey, who is now Massachusetts’ attorney general, will lead the state as its first elected female governor. Oregon Democrat Tina Kotek joins Healey in making history as one of the first out-lesbian governors in the country to support LGBTQ. The two are certainly famous among American women.

MA-AG: Democrat Andrea Campbell will become Massachusetts’ first Black woman attorney general. Once again proving the rise of women candidates for all positions in the government. Campbell, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Boston last year, was previously the city’s first Black female president.

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