Top Digital Platforms for Women to Achieve Financial Security and Independence

Digital platforms have turned into a need of great importance for women to achieve financial security

There is no contending that financial independence guarantees financial security. Notwithstanding, the connection between women and finances has stayed interesting, in India, as society anticipates that men should accommodate the family and assume responsibility for the finances. This leads women to avoid going with any major financial choices to a great extent.

Women-centered financial platforms have turned into a need of great importance, and this is where numerous women from the universe of finance and investment step in to address this hole.

The key part that makes modern women an image of fortitude, flexibility, and opportunity is financial independence. Today, women are creating transcendent businesspeople with the assistance of various online interfaces and platforms

With an upsurge in telecommutes requests, Covid-19 is the ideal whirlwind that has helped the ability of online business and has created new-age open doors.

There’s a significant shift from disconnected to digital platforms which are reclassifying India’s financial scene. Luckily, various Indian women are getting through all current boundaries to turn out to be financially independent, thus becoming certain and enabled.

1. Momspresso:

Momspresso is 10 years old India’s biggest client created a content stage for women. The stage is assisting brands with conceptualizing and sending off advanced crusades with the assistance of Influencers, Content Creators, and so forth and utilizing the traffic on their online entertainment platforms across 10 distinct dialects.

Momspresso with its foundation, Supports Groups — India’s most memorable mysterious informal community for women to start discussions about lesser discussed subjects like single parenthood, sex, closeness, and discouragement has made a place of refuge for women. The brand is likewise enabling mothers financially, with the presentation of its miniature powerhouse stage called MyFinance.

2. HubHopper:image.gif:

Hubhopper is India’s biggest podcasting and sound on-request stage. With accomplices Spotify, Gaana Paytm, Phone pay, and Hungama it holds a skillet India presence with accessibility across digital media including the site, versatile site, and an application.

Hubhopper Studio is a stage for potential sound substance makers in India.


Otipy is a production network for new produce (natural products and vegetables) in India that works intimately with 2500+ affiliate accomplices (primarily women). These people group pioneers/affiliates acquire a commission of up to 10 percent for all gathering deals, the most elevated across all friendly trade brands in India.

The stage arose in Feb 2020 as a business turn model because of the pandemic. Otipy with its involved information has not just aided numerous women experts and homemakers – who were battling because of the pandemic yet has made them financially stable by empowering them to lead the existence of a business visionary.

4. Daalchini:

Daalchini is India’s initial all-day, everyday moment eating objective that gives reasonable, and solid tidbits, home-style suppers to corporate experts through IoT-empowered ‘phygital’ (physical+digital) candy machines. The stage sets out pioneering open doors for miniature women business people through Daalchini franchisee.

5. Prosper Law:

Prosper Law, India’s driving shop law office is determined to direct the upset partners of the startup area, including advertisers and women business visionaries. During the pandemic, Burgeon Law has directed advertisers on the legalities of dealing with the vulnerability and expansion of the runway to handle different issues ascending with the lock-down and its effect on India’s beginning up the biological system while numerous female startup pioneers are counseling Burgeon Law to comprehend legalities related with the power Majeure.

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