Empowering Women in STEM Technologies & How to Achieve it?

Women empowerment: The percentage of women working in STEM roles grew from 21% to 24%

Future jobs will be technology-related. So, we must encourage and empower women to play a greater role. Women across all sectors and industries are strongly voicing their opinions and stepping ahead in contributing their expertise and knowledge. Female engineers in our country are gradually rising in the world. More women are beginning careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields than before. But some of the studies say that women hold less than 20% of technology jobs. Through the use of science and math, engineering has helped to create the technologically advanced world that is often taken for granted in modern times. 

Women in STEM:

In 2019, government data showed that there were over a million women working in core STEM occupations, and WISE found that between 2016 and 2019, the percentage of women working in STEM roles grew from 21% to 24%. Investing in STEM education and participation is a global educational priority. According to some 2018 research found that there have been efforts to increase female participation in STEM.

So many companies, educational institutions, government players, and innovative non-profits are coming together to find new ways to empower women coders, engineers, and managers to help close the gender gap in the technology and STEM fields. Addressing bias in the hiring process is another way technology companies are increasing the number of women they hire in technical roles. Organizations are looking at different strategies to help women, from fostering boot camps to longer-term training rotations, that make a career change a viable possibility.

The role of technology for women empowerment:

Access to technology also plays a large part in cementing gender inequality, especially in developing countries. Nowadays industries are bridging the gender gap which is not only limited to coding but is also extended to software engineering, cyber security, network administration, design, data analytics, and much more and provides women with a platform to express themselves and showcase their skills to achieve astonishing heights. Specifically, they should be assisted to act collectively and be allowed to participate in the design process of new technologies.

So, many organizations help support careers in STEM by connecting mentors and people moving into these careers helping women recognize their unique place and voice in making a societal impact, achieve success in engineering and technology careers, and make these fields more inclusive. These organizations provide scholarships to support the work of these Fulton Schools students to advance engineering, help their community and inspire a new generation of diverse engineers.

Some global youth media organization encourages scientific awareness and education for students, parents, and teachers by having teens write STEM articles for publication and contribute to podcasts and YouTube videos. And other organizations are systematically building an internal infrastructure to help women thrive at all levels. Creating the context for women to thrive in STEM and for technology roles is a multi-dimensional effort, from investing in programs that help girls learn to code to introducing blind hiring initiatives and investing in corporate programs to support women leaders.

72% of women in tech have worked at a company where bro culture is pervasive. It includes 83% of women in sales, 80% of women in marketing, and 63% of women in IT/engineering. To help support women in tech, 78% of women say companies should promote more women into leadership positions.

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