Top 10 Women in Artificial Intelligence Who Performed the Best in 2022

Women in artificial intelligence AI

Women in STEM are increasing! Here are the top 10 women in artificial intelligence

Women in AI consist of only 22%, according to the World Economic Forum. The issue of gender diversity which is affecting women in STEM must be addressed. The only way to eliminate bias and close the gender gap in AI is to encourage more tech women to pursue technical careers.

To dispel gender stereotypes and motivate young tech-savvy girls to pursue STEM fields. Here are the top 10 women entrepreneurs in AI.

1. Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini Mitra is the creator and CEO of, as well as the strategic advisor at Zupervise. She strives to create “Next in Class” new business solutions through design thinking, innovation, and AI, going beyond the “Best in Class” standard. The tech woman has more than 14 years of extensive leadership experience building a culture of data in significant enterprises.

2. Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

Technical programme manager Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan works for Google. In India, she oversees the “Women Techmakers Program.” She is a data science enthusiast developing technical knowledge in Google Cloud and machine learning. The woman entrepreneur loves building up communities and encouraging women to work in tech and succeed there.

3‍. Tyler Cohen Wood

Tyler Wood is a co-founder of Dark Cryptonite, a keynote speaker, author, blogger, national security specialist, and all-around cyber authority. She is trusted to offer distinctive insight into cyber threats, cyberwarfare, minimizing cyber risk, national security, and making sure industries have the resources and know-how they need to defend themselves in the digital age.

4. Katie King

The CEO of AI in Business and RAD AI’s AI ethical advisor is Katie King. She also serves as a board advisor, author, and keynote speaker on digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI). She has counseled many of the top companies and business executives in the globe over the course of her more than 30 years in the industry.

5‍. Caitlin Smallwood

The vice president of analytics & insights at Netflix is Caitlin Smallwood. With more than 50 million subscribers, Netflix is the most well-known OTT platform in the world. Caitlin oversees various data science functions there. To improve Netflix and make it what it is today, she has used her expertise in AI-enabled analytics and recommendation systems for a variety of application use cases, including data engineering, statistical research, consumer research, personalizing recommendations, and developing mathematical models.

6. Priyanka Roy

Priyanka is Microsoft’s data & AI solution area specialist. She is passionate about using technology to solve business problems. She has 15 years of experience working internationally in India, Germany, the USA, and New Zealand. By utilising business intelligence & analytics, she has assisted companies in improving performance and making better decisions.

7. Nadia Vincent

At Luxxie Lime – Luxury & Lifestyle Hospitality, Nadia Vincent serves as the chief innovation and executive adviser for digital transformation and AI. She has a lot of expertise in starting and finishing high-profile digital transformation initiatives and programs in Fortune 100 companies.

8. Aleksandra Przegalinska

Aleksandra is a senior research associate at Harvard University as well as an associate professor and vice rector at Kozminski University. She holds a doctorate in artificial intelligence and is passionate about media studies, new technologies, and sustainable technological advancement. Her current area of expertise is wearable technology.

9. Tulsee Doshi

Tulsee is driving a deeper understanding of how we can create user experiences that are varied, inclusive, and ethical in her role as product lead for Google’s initiatives in ML Fairness and Responsible AI. In order to create systems that can actually benefit everyone, she wants to promote a human-centered approach to the creation of machine learning-based technology and experiences.

10. Nazareen Ebrahim

Over the past 15 years, Nazareen has worked as a media and communications specialist, consultant, and director of the operations of online and corporate communications and marketing across several industries, including tech, education, agriculture, and retail. The woman in AI recently started her path toward becoming an AI ethics officer to support the research team for the AI African report.

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