Top Home Management Tips for Busy Mothers

Women wouldn’t be able to do anything without having some home management tips for busy mothers in place

Home management tips for busy mothers can make managing household tasks easier for women. The best home management tips can help you save time, get organized, and be more productive every day.

What Is Home Management?

Broadly speaking, home management includes all the things that go into running a household. Think about all the things you do each day as a busy mom. Most of them probably fall under the home management tips umbrella.

Here are the best home management tips for busy moms to get you started:

Create home management routines:

Routines are an absolute game-changer if you’re struggling to get home management systems in place. What’s great about routines is that they give you a map to follow each day. For example, you can set up:

(a) Laundry systems

(b) Morning routines for kids

(c) Morning routines for yourself

(d) Nighttime routines

(e) Routines for budgeting and paying bills

(f) Grocery shopping routines

(g) Self-care routines

It could go on and on but you get the idea. When you have routines in place, your days start to run on autopilot. And that is one of the keys to making home management easier.

Get on a cleaning schedule:

Do you love having a clean house but hate to do any of the actual cleanings? So one of the ways to make it easier on yourself is to follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Breaking cleaning chores down and putting them on a schedule is a simple home management secret that you might be overlooking. But it can make keeping your house clean so much less time-consuming. Now, if you’re completely overwhelmed by the mess in your home, I suggest starting small. Tackle one room at a time with your clean-up efforts and keep going until you’ve reached a baseline level of clean. From there, you can start following daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules to keep things neat and tidy.

Use lists for home management:

Make a list because they’re a simple and powerful way to stay organized each day. For example, you can make lists of:

(a) Daily to-dos

(b) Errands you need to run

(c) Bills that need to be paid

(d) Side hustle ideas you’re interested in trying

(e) Cleaning tasks you’ve been putting off

(f) Personal goals you’re trying to reach

(g) Birthdays and special occasions you want to keep track of

(h) Home repairs to make

All you need is a notebook, a pen, and a few minutes to get it all down on paper. Once you can see all your different lists at a glance, you can go back through and start prioritizing which items to tackle first.

Keep track of your days in a planner:

Whether you use a paper planner or a digital planner, it’s a must-have for applying home management tips. You can use a planner to:

(a) Keep track of important dates

(b) Jot down bill payment due dates

(c) Track activities for each member of your family

(d) Schedule appointments

(e) Make time for monthly or quarterly cleaning rituals 

(f) Set reminders for important errands like getting an oil change or a dental check-up

(g) Keeping track of work deadlines if you’re a working mom

A planner is a key part of home management tips for busy mothers and without one, they’d be lost. Pro tip: If you’re using a digital planner or organizing app, set up alerts and reminders so nothing slips through the cracks.

Declutter and organize:

Clutter can be a major source of stress, not to mention super annoying. I don’t know about others, but women can’t relax when they’re surrounded by stuff everywhere. Adding decluttering routines into home management tips for busy mothers can help them keep the “stuff” from taking over.

Once clean out the clutter, you can start organizing your home to make it more likable.

It has written about decluttering here before and the 100 things you should get rid of first. But if you’re overwhelmed at the thought of trying to declutter and organize, here are a few tips:

(a) Don’t try to do it all in one day

(b) Focus on one room at a time and if you can’t do a whole room in one sitting, start with one area or zone

(c) Declutter at least one thing each day

(d) Separate clutter into piles (to keep, to donate, to trash) 

(e) Use a timer and try to declutter as much as you can in that time limit

(f) Pick one room or space at a time to organize

(g) Wait until after you’re done decluttering to start organizing (otherwise you could end up stuck in one spot!) 

(h) Use the right storage options to keep clutter at bay

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