Top Influential Women Designers in Fashion Industry

From creating clothes with comfort in mind to employing thousands, the designers liberated women in so many ways

Let’s start with a brief history of women’s history month. Before we get into the history of influential women designers, we should discuss what women’s history month is all about and how it came to be. Women’s history month started out as international women’s day in the early 1900s, which later became international women’s month. National Women’s Day was originally at the end of February and signified a day when suffragettes and socialists met. The day became international women’s day when it was moved to March 8th in order to line up with an international conference for women. This then snowballed into the month of March being declared a month to commemorate women’s history.

Famous Women in Fashion Design:

During this women’s history month of 2021, let’s take some time to recognize the stunning female fashion designers who have brought women and women designers to record highs. These famous female fashion designers are some of the most influential to the fashion industry.

The first female fashion designer is unknown, but women have been in the world of fashion since the beginning of time. Some people would say Madeline Chéruit, who designed dresses masterfully in the 1880s was the first, but this would be disregarding the countless designers of clothing and creative apparel since the beginning of civilization. Famous influential women designers female and male alike, are well known for their ability to make something influential, creative, new and high quality. Here are some of the most influential women designers and famous women’s clothing designers who happen to be female.

1. Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a household name and one of the most inspiring and successful famous female clothing designers in the fashion cannon. She has a corner of the bridal wear market, making her a top women dress designer that is a must for every bride to be to look into for their wedding day. When it comes to giving advice to women in any industry, she says to uplift other women, not intimidate them, and to go into a field that you are passionate about so that it helps you through the difficulties of life. It is easy to see how passionate Vera Wang is about fashion design, as she has made a huge success for herself in her life.

2. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, born in 1883 as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, is one of the most pivotal and successful influential women designers in history. This famous female designer from France spearheaded the brand Chanel which is still a wildly successful brand name to this day. The CC trademark which has been in fashion since the 1920s can be seen on handbags, earrings, shoes, dresses and sunglasses to signify the quality and fashion sense of the Chanel brand. Chanel no.5 is an extremely popular fragrance and Coco Chanel has been credited for the “little black dress,” a timeless trend. While Chanel is still a popular luxury brand and top women designer, there is controversy over Coco Chanel herself. Coco Chanel is most famous for being one of the most famous women designers and was also a Nazi sympathizer, leading many people to boycott or avoid purchasing her designs and merchandize. While Coco Chanel has died and is no longer part of the Chanel brand, her name is still the emblem of the company, so many still protest the success of a known antisemite.

3. Vivenne Westwood

Famous women designers like Vivenne Westwood have made a huge impact on the fashion world. Known as an important figurehead of the punk era, and a prolific designer of many fashion lines, she is of the famous women fashion designer cannon. Quotes by her surrounding feminism and femininity read “I think feminists are unaware of the tremendous extent of the role of women in history” and “It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a touch of femininity.”

4. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney of the United Kingdom is only 49 years old, but has made a huge name for herself as one of the most famous female clothing designers of this era. She is the child of Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Musician, photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney. Stella McCartney is known for her avid animal rights activism which she channels in her fashion design work. As one of the top women’s designers McCartney has recently worked in collaboration with Adidas and PETA.

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