Top Women Leading the Field of Al in India in 2023


Indian women in AI have been increasing. Top ten Indian women in artificial intelligence

A formidable combination of women in tech can improve the planet. These great Indian women in AI are now successful digital entrepreneurs thanks to their skills in developing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. These Indian women have done it all, from upending trends to developing cutting-edge answers to age-old issues.

These Indian women in artificial intelligence, are shattering the glass ceiling in the technology industry, and serve as role models for a new generation of young Indian girls interested in STEM. These top 10 women in AI are reshaping the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence in both India and the rest of the world.

1. Jyoti Joshi

Dr. Jyoti Joshi is the company’s founder and CEO.  A deep tech business named has created an advanced audio-visual deep learning platform. She holds a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the Australian University of Canberra and is a first-generation entrepreneur. She performed internships at Monash University in Australia and the University of Waterloo in Canada while working in mental health analysis.

2. Ishu Jain

She oversees Swiggy’s central analytics department. She has more than 16 years of varied professional experience providing analytical insights to business entities across geographies at organisations like Dell, Genpact, Fractal, Target, and Swiggy. She has grown over time into a trusted Leader, a domain-neutral analyst, and a lifelong learner.

3. Preet Saxena

In terms of research, analytics, consulting, and productization, Preet Saxena has more than 14 years of experience. She is currently the Global Analytics COE Group Head at Concentrix. She has experience and skill in the use of analytics technology for business knowledge and decision-making, and she has managed the delivery of numerous analytics accounts across domains.

4. Mamta Aggarwal

American Express’s Mamta Aggarwal is the VP-Head of AiDa (AI-ML Products & Platforms) – AI Laboratories. She was the Managing Director of Accenture India’s Global AI Hub prior to this, which was a crucial job. Mamta has a number of publications to her credit, as well as awards from the business world.

5. Pallavi Vajinepalli

Pallavi works in Philips Research Bangalore as a Principal Scientist and Group Leader. She oversees a group of over 40 researchers and scientists that create ground-breaking innovations for medical applications, particularly in the field of ultrasonography.

6. Supriya Singh Raman

Data Scientist Supriya Singh Raman has more than 16 years of expertise, and she is skilled in creating statistical and predictive machine learning models for finding patterns and gaining insights from data. She is presently JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Vice President of Data Science for Corporate and Investment Banking.

7. Suriya Prabha

Youcode, an NGO that attempts to teach AI to students in Indian communities, was founded by Suriya Prabha. Her goal was to create an India with villages that were technologically self-sufficient and a generation that was technically literate. Six people made up Suriya Prabha’s team, including her husband and a couple of graduate students. They launched Youcode in 2018 under her direction.

8. Megha Gambhir

She is a former Computer specialist who is now an entrepreneur and inventor. She has over 15 years of expertise in company leadership and technology consulting. She is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Stupa Sports Analytics, a business that analyses data to evaluate and review an athlete’s technical performance.

9. Pooja Goel

Pooja Goel has built a number of businesses while managing teams all over the world. She is a serial entrepreneur. She is now a co-founder and the organization’s head of operations, marketing, and sales. Avishkaar is a platform for young innovators to learn technical skills like robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, electronics, app development, and coding.

10. Ashwini Asokan

Mad Street Den, a California-based AI firm that offers intelligent automation and operations in the fields of retail, education, healthcare, media, finance, etc., was founded by Ashwini Asokan and she currently serves as its chief executive officer. A pioneering retail-based AI platform named was created by Ashwini and her team.

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