Top 10 Women Travel Influencers You Should Follow Now

Travel influencers

Women travel influencers are booming on social media. With blogs on travel information

It was more difficult to organize a trip before the Internet and the rise of social media. Purchasing a guide or getting word-of-mouth information were the only options for learning about a location. To visit everything they wanted to see in a nation, male and female travelers had to work very hard, and it was challenging to get current information in written guides.

Everything is a lot simpler now. With travel influencers, blogs, and particularly social media, you can quickly research the location you want to visit, view a tonne of photographs, go through a tonne of advice, and gather perfect travel information. Travel influencers permanently altered the way people travel. They gain fame and provide up-to-date knowledge and advice about the locations they visit thanks to social media.

Each ardent traveler follows at least one influencer and uses their advice while on the road. Today, there is a travel influencer for practically every theme, including responsible travel, volunteer travel, solo travel, travel with pets, and solitary travel. Finding the ideal travel influencer for you will depend on the type of travel you are interested in, which will help you organize your trip as effectively as possible. Thus, the primary service provided by travel influencers is assistance in the form of advice. Here are the top 10 female travelers to know about.

1. Footluce

Lucy, a single female traveler, has a TikTok page called Footluce where she posts movies with loads of helpful advice for both solo and budget travelers. She visited many places, but her expertise is in South East Asia travel advice. Her films are the best resource you can discover for quick and humorous travel advice.

2. Sights of Sara: the inspiration for every female solo traveler

For any lady who wants to travel the world alone but doesn’t know where to begin, Sara is perhaps the best source of knowledge and confidence. She is a TikTok travel influencer who makes incredibly helpful videos with lots of travel advice, particularly for other female solo travelers like her.

3. Follow Abby Vogel’s tips and travel as a volunteer

The ideal person to contact if you want to travel as a volunteer is Abby Vogel because she has been doing it for a while. She has a TikTok account, and if you follow her and use her affiliate links, not only are her videos instructive, but you may also be able to get discounts on volunteering websites like Worldpackers. You’ll save even more money than you could have possibly imagined doing it this way.

4. LizlivingBlue: the importance of eco travel

Ecotourism is crucial, particularly at this trying time for the environment. If you are interested in this style of travel, Liz is the finest travel influencer. Her TikTok channel is dedicated to eco-friendly and responsible travel. She is a science expert and an advocate for the ocean. You may learn a lot about eco-friendly travel and how to reduce your impact on the environment from her films.

5. Kail of the wild: sustainable travel tips

Kail is the girl for you if you prefer Instagram to TikTok and want to learn more about the sustainable travel industry. Follow her Instagram account to learn more about eco-friendly travel through her gorgeous photos and videos, which are packed with useful advice. She even travels by herself!

6. Blondie roams free: the best for authentic travel inspiration

Follow Joanna, a travel influencer on Instagram who will take you to several off-the-beaten-path locations, if you’re looking for ideas for true travel. Through Worldpackers, she not only captures incredible photos but also gives back to the communities she visits. If you sign up for the service through her affiliate link and promo code, you’ll receive a discount.

7. Watch Girl vs Globe’s videos for slow travel inspiration

The best approach to take in a location and explore it like a local is through slow travel. Sabina, a travel influencer on YouTube, explains everything about this way of living on her channel Girl vs Globe. Get lots of helpful travel advice by subscribing to her channel and watching her videos.

8. She traveled the world: an expert female solo traveler

Courtney is one of the top solo travelers on TikTok and a top travel influencer in terms of this way of living. She goes on solo trips and posts a lot of hilarious films with advice for ardent travelers. If you follow her, you’ll quickly feel like exploring.

9. Monica roams: the best blog for adventure travel tips

How about if you enjoy reading? Don’t worry; there is the ideal travel blog for you, particularly if you enjoy traveling on adventures. All of the adventurous travelers out there are the reason Monica roams created her site. She discusses the world’s best experiences through her writing. She is a great writer and a great source of inspiration for all travelers. Read it and sign up for her email to never miss a story.

10. Shivya Nath (@shivya)

Shivya Nath, a vegan soul without a home who has more than 37.9k Instagram followers, sees herself as such. She has appeared on renowned shows from the BBC, TEDx, Nat Geo, and other networks. She is probably one of the most well-known travel bloggers in the nation. Your love of travel and photography will be sparked by her images. Simply glance at this image and exclaim, “Wow!”

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