Top 10 Indian Women CEOs and MDs Who are Leading Global Companies


Indian women CEOs are all over top multinational corporations all over the world.

A group of Indian women CEOs and MDs are motivating future generations of women to pursue their dreams with grit and determination. Today’s leading multinational corporations, including Vimeo and Tinder, are led by a group of strong Indian and women of Indian descent. But Bulchandani is not the only American woman with Indian ancestry who has held the position of CEO. Women in business who have accomplished this accomplishment before her include Leena Nair, Jayshree Ullal, and Anjali Sud. Here are the top 10 Indian women CEOs in the world.

1. Devika Bulchandani (Ogilvy)

After leaving his position as Global CEO, Andy Main will hand over the reins to Bulchandani. Main will remain on as a senior adviser through the end of 2022. She will oversee Ogilvy’s businesses, which include those in advertising, experience, health, public relations, and consulting, across 131 offices in 93 nations in her new position. She went by the name “Dev” and spent her early years in Amritsar before attending the Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun.

2. Leena Nair (Chanel)

She was the first female and youngest Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to ever be promoted to the position of CEO, making her selection as CEO of the French luxury fashion business Chanel all the more noteworthy. Nair placed a priority on the welfare of her staff while serving as Unilever’s CHRO. Nair has a long history of ties to India, in addition to being an alumna of XLRI Jamshedpur, she spent 30 years working for Hindustan Unilever.

3. Aruna Jayanthi (Capgemini)

Beginning in January 2021, she assumed leadership of Latin America and Canada Business Units at Capgemini. In addition, she ran operations for business units providing consulting, technology, and outsourcing services while serving as CEO of Capgemini India from 2011 to 2015. From Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Aruna holds a Master’s degree in Management Studies in Finance.

4. Jayshree Ullal (Arista)

As President and CEO of Arista since 2008, Ullal is in charge of the company’s leadership in cloud networking. She is also credited with steering the business to a successful initial public offering in June 2014. Ullal grew up in India despite being born in London. She attended San Francisco State University and Santa Clara University before graduating.

5. Revathi Advaithi (Flex)

Advaithi began her professional journey at Eaton in Shawnee, Oklahoma as a shop floor supervisor before being named to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women List in 2019 and 2020. She became the Chief Executive Officer of Flex, formerly known as Flextronics, in 2019. She has a reputation for making decisions quickly. Advaithi is a supporter of women in STEM and a member of the MIT Presidential CEO Advisory Board.

6. Amrapali Gan (OnlyFans)

In December 2021, Gan was chosen to lead OnlyFans as its CEO. With the aid of OnlyFans, content producers can make money from subscribers to their material. Gan was the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at OnlyFans before being elevated to the position of CEO.

7. Roshni Nadar (HCL)

Nadar is the first woman to serve as CEO of an Indian-listed information technology business and Chairperson of HCL Technologies. She also holds the position of Chairperson of VidyaGyan, a leadership institute for deserving, rural children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. She develops upcoming leaders from rural India in this capacity. Nadar founded The Habitats Trust in 2018 because of his love for the environment and wildlife. She received her undergraduate degree in communications from Northwestern University and completed her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management.

8. Padmasree Warrior (Fable)

According to Warrior’s LinkedIn profile, she is a leader who is enthusiastic about technology, entrepreneurship, and international trade. In 2019, she established Fable, a reading platform with a focus on mental well-being. She has also held positions as Cisco and Motorola’s chief technology officer. She has served as the CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer NIO USA. Her upbringing was in Vijayawada.

9. Sonia Syngal (Gap Inc)

Syngal is leading GAP Inc to greater heights as its CEO. Syngal was born in India and raised in the US and Canada. She is one of the select few female CEOs on the Fortune 500 list. Syngal worked for Sun Microsystems and Ford Motor Company before joining GAP Inc. In 2004. After completing her master’s degree in production systems engineering at Stanford University in 1995, she earned her mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University. She is credited with giving young women a platform to speak out by using Gap Inc. Graphic t-shirts.

10. Vanitha Narayanan (IBM India)

Vanitha Narayanan, who was recognized as one of the most powerful women by Business Today and Fortune India, is credited for helping IBM make India one of its fastest-growing regions. From 2017 to 2018, she also held the position of chairwoman of IBM. She is currently in charge of the IBM and Verizon partnership. In developing policies to prepare students for the workforce, she collaborates closely with the NITI Aayog.

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