Is B.Tech a Very Good Career Option for Girls Today?

Female engineers

Women in engineering! Is it a good career path? Absolutely! Btech for women is a great choice to opt for

In India, 30 of every 100 newly graduated engineers are women. In IITs, 20 out of every 100 BTech applicants are female. A lot of women in engineering and technocrats at junior and senior levels in a variety of industries, including energy, automotive, construction, IT, and more are being recognized lately. As thousands of female engineers prove every day, BTech for women is without a doubt a fantastic career choice.

More women engineers would have created goods that were suited for Indian women and girls if we had more of them. IITs made the decision to recruit more female students for BTech in order to increase the number of female engineers in India and improve both domestic and international product quality.

People’s lives are made easier by the goods that engineers design and create. They discover issues that arise in daily life and develop products to address them. Companies that offer these items are profitable and can afford to pay their engineers well. A few instances, in order to offer online IT services from small towns and villages, Saloni Malhotra founded DesiCrew in 2004 after receiving her BTech from Bharati Vidyapeeth. In rural India today, DesiCrew employs 1,000 individuals to serve customers around the world.

At IIT Guwahati, Richa Singh earned a BDes in 2011. She observed the growing issue of student mental health. She helped co-found YourDost in 2014, an online counselling service for mental health. A number of IITs officially partner with YourDost as their counselling provider. Some engineers launch their own businesses, while the majority work for private businesses. Others design and construct roads and railways, public structures, and computer systems that serve the general public on behalf of the government.

Indian houses typically only have women using the kitchens. Your mother or aunt might have been hunching over because the kitchen counter is too high for her. She uses a stool as a ladder to access the cabinets above the counter. Why not make the kitchen tall enough for the typical Indian woman, who is 5 feet tall? Because Indian men and European men, who are 5 to 9 inches taller than Indian women, design kitchens.

I’m sure you can think of a lot more instances of items that girls and women utilise that are inappropriate for them because they were created by male engineers. Our products would be suitable for Indian women and girls if there were more female engineers. IITs made the decision to recruit more female students for BTech in order to increase the number of female engineers in India and improve both domestic and international product quality.

Science, technology, and common sense are all combined in engineering. You will study a variety of science and technology disciplines in BTech. These are significant. Getting real-world experience is equally crucial. Young people tinker with electronics at home, at school, and in college in nations that produce technology items at a high level, like the US and Germany.

Build useful devices during your free time in the labs and the dorm. At IIT Mandi, two first-year BTech female students created a cheap weather station. This regularly recorded the temperature and humidity on the campus and posted the results online. Second-year BTech teams at IITs and other universities have created a variety of goods, such as an air-cooled bike helmet for the summer, a robot for feeding, a robot for sowing seeds in a field, and many others.

You may hear from friends and relatives that ladies only choose to major in computer science, information technology, or electrical engineering because they are unable to manage the “heavy engineering” fields of mechanical or civil. The days of engineers operating massive equipment with muscle force are long gone. Even the largest equipment of today may be controlled with a simple button press, switch flick, or knob turn.

Finally, if you don’t get into an IIT, enrol in a college in a field that interests you. Get your hands dirty on projects, work hard in class, and you too could become one of the respected engineers. For more experience and depth, consider pursuing an MTech at an IIT.

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