The Top 10 Women Voices on LinkedIn and How their work is Noteworthy

Women on LinkedIn

The top 10 women on LinkedIn and the works of successful female entrepreneurs and businesswomen

Among women on LinkedIn, there are ten businesswomen worth following. The “LinkedIn Influencer” category has a large female representation. This distinguished distinction is awarded to male and female influencers who exhibit knowledge, vision, and leadership qualities. In addition to being efficient at what they do, they also share their techniques and motivate others to take action. Learn about ten strong women in top management whose words can alter the way you perceive parenting, work, communication, and happiness.

1.Nancy Duarte

Expert in communication is Nancy Duarte. The female influencer has appeared in publications like CNN, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Her business, Duarte, is a global innovator in the development of visual communications for commerce and culture. The woman on LinkedIn specializes in convincing others and skillfully integrating storytelling into professional communication. She encourages other visual communication experts and offers free resources on the Internet. She also discusses the utilization of data and the difficulties with simplicity.

2.Ann Handley

Ann is the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, a company that provides education and training for marketers. Female influencer discusses through her writing how to produce material to meet their objectives. The businesswoman is cited by Forbes as the most powerful woman in social media, and ForbesWoman named her one of the Top 20 Bloggers.

3.Gretchen Rubin

A Yale law graduate who has made it his mission to learn what motivates us to be content and successful. International bestsellers, “The Happiness Project” and “Better than Before,” are two of her works. Rubin created the “Happiness Project,” a 12-month experiment in which she sought to increase her own and the participants’ feelings of happiness. The woman on LinkedIn writes on themes like happiness and techniques that make people happy on LinkedIn.

4.Arianna Huffington

Though somewhat less active lately, she is still regarded as one of the media’s most powerful voices. A person to follow is Arianna Huffington. The women in top management practice meditation every morning, and in her TED talk, she discusses the value of sleep and encourages women to speak out. Arianna is an expert on stress and burnout and she is the author of 15 books. We can anticipate hearing more from her regarding the sharing economy as she has joined the Uber supervisory board.

5.Liz Ryan

Liz has worked in the HR sector for many years. The female influencer established the international Human Workplace movement in 2012 with the goal of integrating interpersonal relationships and feelings into the workplace. The female entrepreneur feels that encouraging and motivating individuals is preferable to controlling them.

6.Rachel Schall Thomas

Rachel Schall Thomas, the chair of the Sheryl Sandberg-founded Lean In Institute, is an expert at getting the word out about women, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put in a lot of effort. Her concentration as a Lean In advocate is on empowering women. The woman in top management advises on what we should do daily to help one another in her recent piece.

7.Sallie Krawcheck

As the CEO and founder of Ellevest, a businesswoman who deals with banking and investment for women, Sallie Krawcheck also addresses motherhood and career-related issues. The woman on LinkedIn previously oversaw the finances of the prestigious Bank of America, US Trust, and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management funds.

8.Randi Zuckerberg

For a long time, Randi Zuckerberg served as a spokesperson for Facebook. She now runs her own business, Zuckerberg Media. The female entrepreneur has written two novels and produces children’s shows. The woman on LinkedIn supports businesswomen on LinkedIn and highlights many facets of being a woman in the media and in the workplace.

9.Susan Cain

She has helped introverts get back on track. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain, is a best-selling book that has won numerous awards. Microsoft, Google, S.E.C., Harvard, Yale, West Point, and the US Navy are among the organizations that employ Cain’s human resource management software.

10.Julia Izmałkowa

Julia is a Polish psychologist and the founder and CEO of IZMAKOWA, the first research company in Europe that specializes in using ethnography and the psychology of lying for marketing and business. The woman on LinkedIn is known as the HUMANOLOGIST because of her in-depth understanding of human nature. The female entrepreneur frequently writes for the press, where she discusses the most significant issues of human nature.

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