The Top 10 Skills to Empower Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Rural women entrepreneurs

The top 10 skills to empower rural women entrepreneurs in order to create a sustainable living for rural women

Rural women entrepreneurship can be defined as starting a new firm that promotes the creation of novel goods and services, hot trends, and the uptake of cutting-edge technologies in rural areas. In order to empower rural women entrepreneurs to start businesses, the government must adopt the following actions.

1.Financial Support

To provide straightforward finance to rural entrepreneurs, banks, and financial institutions that lend to rural women in business must set up dedicated cells.


Training is essential for the entire growth of a firm that supports rural women entrepreneurs by giving them the knowledge and abilities they need to run a business. The Indian government is currently providing essential training to economically vulnerable businesses in order to assist them to grow their skills and produce money.

3.Proper Provision of Raw Materials

Governmental entities should prioritize providing raw materials to rural women. Additionally, they ought to provide subsidies when necessary to make the goods made by rural businesses affordable and cost-competitive.

4.Creating Marketing Cooperatives

To support rural businesses, authorities should create marketing cooperatives, which will help them find a variety of inputs at fair costs and make selling their goods easier. The development of rural women entrepreneurs in India is thus greatly aided by thorough training, high-quality education, financial institution investments, and marketing cooperatives.


For women entrepreneurs, particularly in rural regions, technology has changed the game. Women who own different kinds of micro, small, and medium businesses in rural and semi-urban settings may be more affected by it. Technology can help to improve rural women’s empowerment and overcome numerous challenges by giving them instant access to crucial information, the market, mentorship, funding, and consumers. The use of mobile phones in rural areas should be strongly encouraged by the government in order to increase rural women’s access to the key players in their own economic ecosystems.


Especially in voice search, Google Search can give rural women important information. In addition, these women entrepreneurs don’t require advanced degrees to use Google Voice Search. Instead, individuals can receive basic smartphone training to learn how to make the most of their handcrafted goods, products, and sources of income. Additionally, smartphones and the internet give women in business access to the crucial learning resources they need to become successful micro-entrepreneurs, like market prices and other data.

7.Market Accessibility

With the development of technology, there may be less of a need to relocate to urban areas when growing a firm. Rural women entrepreneurs can work from home and advertise their businesses via Facebook, WhatsApp, phone calls, and text messages. Through e-commerce portals, they can sell their goods.

They might work with internet retailers to make their products available online. Companies like Amazon have started aiding rural entrepreneurs and craftsmen. Through these channels, rural women may promote and sell their home-grown goods all over the world.

8.Reducing Gender Gap

Social and cultural norms are the root of many barriers to women’s empowerment. As a result, it’s crucial to comprehend how they impact business and give women better, longer-term economic opportunities. For instance, investing in training in cooking for men can lead to a redistribution of unpaid care tasks at the household level, freeing up time for women to work.

9.Investments in Women-led Startups

Women’s empowerment is boosted when investments are made in enterprises that are related to the main line of business of a firm, especially in traditionally male-dominated markets or value chains. For instance, this might be a greenhouse owned by women that produce saplings that are sold to prestigious companies or an input store where farmers can buy seeds, ag-inputs, etc.

These businesses typically support rural women entrepreneurs working together, which can be a crucial step toward greater empowerment. The world currently places a high priority on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

10.Engage men as well

Working just with women while avoiding projects that will increase men’s performance is nonsensical. Due to their large networks and easier access to resources, male entrepreneurs frequently participate in training programs due to a long-standing gender imbalance. However, training that is open to both genders enables women in business to access such resources from their colleagues.

It enables the explanation of the true advantages of advancing entrepreneurs’ goals and, as a result, makes it easier for rural women entrepreneurs to getting family resources for their businesses.

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