How Fathers of Daughters Play an Important Role in Women’s Leadership

Fathers of daughters

The fathers of daughters play an important role in the development of women’s leadership

Fathers of daughters do have a big impact on their daughter’s feelings of self-worth, self-motivation, and self-confidence, all of which are crucial for their child to become an empowered woman. The father’s being an example in treating the women in his life, including his own mother, wife, the daughter’s mother, sisters, and women at work in all professions, with equality, respect, dignity, and care may be one of the most crucial factors for women’s leadership.

She will grow up to be a self-assured and genuinely empowered woman if all the fathers of daughters can teach their daughters to be “self-sufficient,” “self-reliant,” “self-disciplined,” and “leading themselves” without losing the capacity to work with others/in a team or be led. When fathers of daughters use the six techniques listed below, their daughters become strong, self-assured women who follow their passions and develop women’s leadership abilities.

1.Your Daughter is Capable of Anything, So Tell Her That

Instead of focusing just on how attractive your daughter is, assist her in recognizing and appreciating her talents. Tell your daughter that she is capable and smart and that she has limitless potential. The main role of a father is to create a strong and independent woman when you persuade your daughter that everything is possible.

2.Noting the Contributions of Women

Daughters must witness their fathers respecting women for their intelligence, opinions, and ambition. Look for opportunities to acknowledge the accomplishments and intelligence of women to demonstrate your respect for them. Consider your appearance less. Mention female physicians, scientists, executives, public speakers, mathematicians, business owners, and politicians. Your daughter will learn from this that what she becomes is more dependent on her decisions than what others anticipate of her. Show your daughter that you value her voice and ideas by paying attention to what she has to say.

3.Encourage Independence

The father being an example, should encourage his daughter to take on challenges, try new things, and learn things on her own. By affirming your daughter’s abilities, you can help her feel more confident. Engage your daughter in financial management. Take note if your daughter excels in math, science, or technology. By empowering your daughter and reassuring her that you would support her, you can work against established gender stereotypes by encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Women’s leadership development is another factor the fathers should look into it while giving their daughter’s the freedom of independence to develop and grow.

4.Allow your Daughters to Fail

During the most difficult circumstances, the most growth occurs. The role of a father is to teach his daughter to be more resilient and to believe in her own skills by allowing her to deal with failure and bounce back. We educate our daughters that they can’t manage failure if we intervene and prevent them from failing in order to save them from an unpleasant experience.

Allow your daughter to make errors and discover that she can recover and try again to teach her the tools she needs to deal with failure in order to become an empowered woman. You will not only teach her to be open to change and try new things, but you will also teach her the important life skills of tenacity and resilience.

5.The Development of Critical Thinking

Use mealtime to promote discussions that emphasize critical thinking and questioning. Dr. Janet Rose Wojtalik authored an excellent article titled The Seven Secrets of Parenting Girls in which she proposes that fathers of daughters ask their girls for their thoughts: What did you think about it? What do you believe caused this? How do you determine that? Pose gentle probing questions and encourage her to examine her views. Your approval and attention will teach your daughter to value her capacity to solve problems and think for herself. Fathers being an example to their daughters should share the right thoughts and analyses which are very important because that’s one way how their daughters would improve their critical thinking ability effectively.

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