The Role of Media in Empowering Women and Gender Equality helpful?

From traditional to online media, it still hugely influence perceptions and ideas about the roles of women in society.

Women are offering their services in two fields, on domestic and economic front. It needs recognition that for the socio-economic development women participation is mandatory and they have ability to mold the nations fortune. The media in empowering women and gender equality could not be achieved without mass media in the era of technology.

Media is often considered as the 4th pillar and the most important tool of society in the modern times as it has the power to reach out to be a large audience by mass communication. The media in empowering women and gender equality is much needed for the social and economic growth of any society. They are the creators, teachers and developers of any human generation. The social ill treatment and the negligence of economic decision powers to them in such small areas of the country especially, directly fall out for this research subject. While on the other hand media being the fourth pillar of our democracy has certain duties to follow in the betterment of society.

It can play the role efficiently in transmitting information to society by media in empowering women and gender equality by educating the society about their stand and worth. In the present article a number of studies have been reviewed to increase the participation of women in decision-making through the media and to promote a decent and balanced portrayal of women in the media, society and democratic medium of information. The role of media has become very important in shaping present days society.

Media is the part of the life, all around, from the shows one watches on television, music on the radio, the books, magazines and newspapers. It educates people about the current issues and influences the public opinion. The common people rely on media to know about happenings in the society.

Media has the power to pressurize and criticize the drawbacks of democracy. It is instrumental in bringing about unity among the masses and is backbone of the nation. The reach of media to common people has increased and undoubtedly media has attained the role of a very powerful organ in virtually all spheres of life.

The electronic media, particularly television, has become the most influential medium of mass communication in India. Television has a myriad of different goals, which range from entertainment to education. Various confines of education and entertainment are depicted in television. It’s often looked at as a babysitter for children. The viewing of television can entertain the young and old alike for great amounts of time. It is helping that through media in empowering women and gender equality by using different tools. Portrayal of women which is derogatory to their image by media is evidence of lack of gender sensitivity and has called for making them accountable for such representation of women.

Such instances had led the National Commission for Women to recommend amendment in the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition Act) 1986. The government in a move to strengthen the legal machinery protecting the dignity of women, approved amendments to the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986 in 2012.

The aim was to include new technologies like MMS and the electronic media and some which were left outside the ambit of the Act like posters and TV serials which perpetuate stereotypes of women. Promoting a balanced and non-stereotyped portrayal of women in the media is very important to use it in a progressive way and avoiding the ill effects of any such medium of media.

Women’s knowledge about media and access to and control over the various forms of conventional and modern media is still limited in most societies. The increase in the participation and access of women to self- expression, decision-making and new technologies through media in empowering women and gender equality. The powerful and positive role that the media can play in the empowerment of women and gender equality should be supported and further explored.

Communication is extremely important for women’s development and mass media play significant role. It is to be noted that growth of women’s education and their entry into employment has contributed to the growth of media. In all spheres of life whether for controlling population growth, spread of literacy or improving quality of life for vast masses, women have crucial role to play.

However, women can be expected to play this role when they become conscious of their strength and are not deliberately marginalized by male domination. In this context, media has an important role to play – to create awakening in women to achieve their potential as the prime movers of change in society. In today’s world, print and electronic media play a vital role in effectively conveying message that needs to be conveyed.

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