Crypto Investments by Women are on the Rise, Here’s Why

Cryptocurrencies are democratizing the process of crypto investments accelerating the rise of women investors 

After a century of progress in women’s rights and constant hustling, many women have managed to break the shackles and earn a living for themselves, some while even following their dreams. As per recent estimates by CoinDCX, 15% of its users are women. As many as 70% of women crypto traders fall between the age group of 18 to 34 years. This shows that crypto investments by women are on the rise. 

Across the globe, more women are seen to show interest in this new asset class. According to a study conducted by Grayscale, women are more willing to make investment decisions based on the education provided in the asset class. Interestingly, 93% of women have stated that they would be more open to investing in cryptocurrency if they were better educated on the subject.

Cryptocurrencies are helping democratize the process of investment all over the world, and the biggest impact is being seen in terms of the number of women who are investing in this space. This is an extremely encouraging trend and looks set to continue in the coming weeks and months around the world. 

Women are Savers 

A recent study revealed that women hold about 8.3 percent of their income into savings (men save only 7.9 percent of their income). More savings means that women have more power to diversify their investments into high-return assets like cryptocurrencies.

Women are More Successful Investors

Women tend to evaluate risks in almost everything and mitigate them in the best way possible. According to research female investors tend to weigh risks before investing in an asset class. Hence, female investors can be more analytical with their investments. While investing in a volatile market such as crypto, their cautiousness nudges them into making the right decision.

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