Watch Out for the Top 10 Best Women Safety Apps for 2022

Women safety app has become the utmost priority of the Indian government considering the increasing cases of crime

Women safety is one of the biggest concerns which has taken over the world for a few generations. But, as time is moving, and technology is evolving, you can see many new contributions in women’s safety apps with the same goal.

Now, when smartphones are being used by a huge number of people, some genius developers have found a way to turn them into women’s safety apps. Apps are existing currently that can raise emergency alarms whenever needed. It is being proved as a useful way, and with the increasing popularity of these apps, it is expected that the future will be safer for women. Women can install these apps on their phones for an extra shield of protection.

My SafetiPin 

My SafetiPin observes and calculates the safety score of the area and alerts you through notifications. The app uses GPS location to gather your information. Moreover, you can use the app to find alternative routes to avoid unsafe areas.

The app lets you call emergency contacts with a click. Moreover, this one of the best apps for girls’ safety uses elements like Lighting availability, the openness of the location, presence of security, etc to calculate the safety score.

Women Safety 

This is one of the best women’s safety apps and is useful for them if they regularly travel through unsafe areas. The app is capable of sending an email with your location and a link to Google Maps to your closed contacts. All it takes is a single tap to send the alert. 

The app has three colors to reflect your safety. Green button lets you inform your dear ones, orange can be used to stay careful, and red to inform others that you are in danger.


Women’s safety app follows the concept of adding guardians to alert them of emergencies. Activating SOS features can automatically start the video recording. Moreover, to make it more convenient to use, there are voice phrases that you can use to command the app. In short, you do not even have to touch the phone to alert people in case of an emergency.


This women’s safety mobile application can be a perfect companion to keep you safe. The app lets you add up to 5 contacts for emergency alerts. You can send them text messages along with the Google Map location. Moreover, the app also works with voice commands.


This app for women security has a variety of features to offer. You can use the app to easily connect with the Police in case of emergencies. Moreover, in case you witness a crime or face it, the app allows you to report it anonymously to the police. If your articles get stolen, you can use it to report that as well.


This best app for women’s safety is free to install. The app lets you share location, and you can also review 2 days of the location history with the help of this app. Moreover, car crash detection features inform emergency services instantly if there’s a crash. The app also offers 3 upgrades categorized as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. 

Life360 Platinum offers disaster response, medical assistance, travel support, etc. Moreover, Life360 Gold lets you see a location history of the past 30 days. Life360 silver enables 7 days of the location history with other additional features.


Raksha app has been designed to make sure that you always have a protective companion with you. The app lets your family members track your location. Moreover, you can also send instant alerts from the app with a single tap. The app also works as a map for the nearest police stations for your safety.


It is a women’s safety app security that enables real-time tracking and alerts in case of emergencies. The app can also track vehicles with the help of a device. Apart from that, the app also provides a chatting feature with family and friends for free. Features like Zone alerts let you know if your kid has arrived and left their school.


Smart24x7 has been developed to become a GPS-based app for women’s safety. The women’s safety app can be used to track cabs and their schedules. Along with tracking the cab, it can also be used to share and track your real-time location. Smart24x7 is free to use and install on iOs and Android stores.


Shake2Safety can alert your emergency contacts with a text message along with pictures, location, and recorded audio. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that you can do all of it by shaking the phone or pressing the power button 4 times. You can also choose if you only want to send a text message or you want to call your emergency contacts as well.

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