10 Essential Subscriptions for Female Data Scientists


Empower Your Data Journey: 10 Essential Subscriptions for Female Data Scientists

Membership can be a great way for female data scientists to stay up-to-date, learn new skills, and connect with the community. Here are 10 essential memberships designed for female data scientists:

Data Science Central: A comprehensive online resource for data scientists that offers information, webinars, and discussions on a variety of topics in data science. They often feature different perspectives and contributions from female data scientists.

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS): This organization aims to support and encourage women and gender minorities in machine learning and data science. Sign up to their newsletter and you will be updated on events, workshops, and networking opportunities.

DataCamp: Online platform for interactive data science classes. Enrolling in DataCamp gives you access to a huge library of courses including programming languages, data manipulation, machine learning, and more, suitable for all skill levels

Towards Data Science in Media: Data Science Towards Media is one of the great books focusing on data science and machine learning. Subscribing to it gives you access to a wide range of information, tutorials, and insights from professionals in the industry.

Kaggle: Kaggle is a platform for data science competitions, data sets, and courses. Subscribing to their newsletter gives you access to the latest competitions, datasets, and insights shared by the community.

Data Skeptic: Podcast and a weekly blog on topics related to data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Subscribing to their podcast or newsletter provides valuable insights and discussion on data science topics.

R-Ladies: R-Ladies is a global organization that promotes gender diversity in the R community. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will be notified of R-related events, workshops, and products for women.

Talking Data: Talking Data is a community and platform dedicated to empowering women in data science and analytics. Subscribing to their platform provides access to webinars, mentoring opportunities, and resources aimed at supporting female data professionals.

Data Incubator Newsletter: The Data Incubator offers data science training and job placement. Subscribing to their newsletter gives you insights into data science trends, career tips, and career opportunities.

Data Visualization Society (DVS): The DVS is a community dedicated to promoting data visualization excellence and supporting data visualization practitioners. Subscribing to their newsletter will keep you updated on the latest trends, products, and events in the field of data visualization.

This membership offers a mix of educational resources, community engagement opportunities, and tailored career support for female data scientists. By connecting with these forums, you can continue to grow your knowledge and contacts in the data science community.

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