Who are India’s Top Women AI Leaders of 2024?


Here are India’s Top Women AI Leaders of 2024.

Niki Parmar

Niki Parmar, co-author of the influential documentary “Attention Is All You Need,” played a key role in Transformer’s development. During his undergraduate degree, machine learning skills led him to participate in research, specifically Google Research and Google Brain. Parmar’s work has focused on using self-focusing and other inductive biases to advance the model in tasks as diverse as machine translation and language modeling.

Akanksh Chaudhary

Akanksh Chaudhary, a research scientist at Google DeepMind, holds a bachelor’s degree from IIT Delhi and a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Transitioning from academia to industry research, he worked at Microsoft Research and Princeton University before joining DeepMind. With 51 published papers, his research interests cover signal processing, machine learning, edge computing and mobile networked systems. Notably, he led the development of PaLM, a state-of-the-art language modeling system with 540 billion dimensions.Chowdhury’s contributions extend to industry standards such as DSL and the OpenFog Consortium.

Anima Anand Kumar

Anima Anand Kumar, a veteran of machine learning, holds a Masters Degree from IIT Madras and a PhD from Cornell University. He is currently a Bren Scholar at Caltech specializing in Machine Learning. Previously, he worked as Director of Machine Learning Research at NVIDIA, focusing on tensor algebra methods, deep learning, and non-convex optimization. Anand Kumar has an impressive h-index of 74 and has won awards prestigious awards such as the IEEE Fellow Award and the ACM Grace Hopper Award. His research covers a variety of areas including tensor methods, non-convex optimization, and handling uncertainty and dependencies in machine learning

Suchi Saria

Suchi Saria, a computer scientist with a concentration in mathematics and a PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford University, is a leading figure in the field of machine learning and health. As director of the Department of Machine Learning and Health, Bayesian Health executive director leads an interdisciplinary effort at Johns Hopkins MIT Technology Review named a young global leader present on its ’35 Innovators Under 35′ list and has 109 publications Saria’s research includes predictive algorithms for conditions such as sepsis and heart block, individual care models and tools for clinical decision making in addition to her work in medical data It also addresses causal inference and handling uncertainty, particularly in scleroderma and other chronic diseases around.

Parvati Dev

Parvati Dev, CEO of SimTabs, has a background from IIT Kharagpur and Stanford University, where she earned her Masters and PhD in Technology and Education. With 94 published papers, she is a leader in surgical imaging, haptics, patient virtualization, and enhancing 3D anatomic anatomical models. Notably, her work at Stanford, which focused on digitizing the medical education system, solidified her reputation as a leader in medical education technology.

Monisha Ghosh

Monisha Ghosh, professor at the University of Notre Dame and research associate professor at the University of Chicago, has a PhD in electrical engineering from USC. She served as CTO at the FCC, focusing on broadband wireless communications and open RAN technologies. Previously, as a program director at NSF, she led the application of Machine Learning to wireless networks. Ghosh’s research covers IoT, 5G, next-generation Wi-Fi, and spectrum sharing, with contributions from her time at the University of Chicago, InterDigital, Philips Research, and engineering roles at Bell Laboratories among

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