Unlock Free Funding: Small-Business Grants for Women in 2024

know about unlocking free funding: small-business grants for women in business 2024

Are you a female business owner hoping to grow your company to a new level? Getting finance might be a crucial first step in fulfilling your entrepreneurial goals. Many small-business awards targeted at female entrepreneurs will be available in 2024, providing an excellent chance to get free capital and support the expansion of your company.

1. Amber Grant

WomensNet created the Amber Grant, which gives $10,000 to female entrepreneurs each month and an extra $25,000 to one of the monthly winners. This scholarship is available to women working in any industry.

2. The Women’s Initiative Cartier Award

This international program provides funding, networking opportunities, and mentorship to female-owned, for-profit companies operating in any nation or industry. Up to $100,000 is awarded to winners.

3. Fellowship Program of the Tory Burch Foundation

The Tory Burch Foundation was created specifically for female entrepreneurs in the US. It provides a $5,000 grant for business education, a year-long fellowship, and the chance to compete for a $100,000 award through a pitch competition.

4. The Eileen Fisher Grant Program for Women-Owned Enterprises

This initiative offers scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 to women-owned enterprises that prioritize environmental or social impact. The program’s goal is to assist businesses in improving their local communities.

5. Investment Fund Comcast RISE

Comcast RISE provides marketing advice, media placements, and creative production services to small businesses owned by women and people of color. Apart from these services, grants in cash are also offered.

Conclusion: The situation for female entrepreneurs looking to apply for small company funding in 2024 looks promising. By seizing these chances, you’ll be able to get the capital required to expand your company, innovate, and leave a lasting impression on your sector. Take advantage of these priceless resources by applying right now!

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