Top 10 Women-Owned Cybersecurity Businesses


Empowering Security: Top 10 Women-Owned Cybersecurity Businesses Leading the Charge

Visionary women entrepreneurs are making their mark in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Discover the top 10 women-led businesses leading innovation and change in digital security. From threat detection pioneers to comprehensive security solutions, these leaders are shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Antiopia-New Blockchain Solutions: Antiopia, co-founded by Dominique Perrin, is a startup specializing in blockchain, assisted intelligence, and cybersecurity provides companies with effective and original software solutions to combat breaches, identity fraud, and data theft without compromising the existing computer system.

Bandura Systems: St. Louis, MO Louis, MO Since Bandura pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) concept for the U.S. Department of Defense, and more than 50 issued and pending licenses, the company continues to offer the most comprehensive, scalable, and granular TIG platform on the market.

Backcloud Systems: Oxford, UK. Baycloud Systems, co-founded by Valerie O’Neill, develops scalable and security-enabled cloud-based systems. Their products include CookieQ e-privacy and Do Not Track compliance multi-domain, proactive management and malware blocking service, CookieQ Audit automated audit scanner, and TrackerGate universal Do-Not-Track plug-in.

BWM Outcomes: Haymarket, Va. Founded by Jacqueline Bahe, BWM Outcomes provides comprehensive computer services, reporting support services, training and analysis, program management and support and clients include government, regulatory, and business agencies.

Captiva Solutions: LLC, Greenbelt, MD. Captiva Solutions offers a full range of cybersecurity consulting, training, and curriculum. Key duties include security policy and technology, governance, risk and compliance, cybersecurity audits and analytics, cybersecurity program management, and cybersecurity education and training

Cybersecurity: San Jose, California Founded by Cynthia James, Cybersecurity specializes in cybersecurity training for executives and Internet safety training for employees and can help you create a breach lifecycle and CEO/board alert system.

Fortalice Solutions: Charlotte, NC. Founded by Theresa Payton, Fortalice Solutions brings together the sharpest minds in cybersecurity to protect people, businesses, and countries from sophisticated adversaries around the world.

HackHunter: Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Tracie Thompson, HackHunter protects organizations from malicious WiFi activity, including hacking and drones, by detecting malicious WiFi activity, real-time alerting security system systems and identifying the source accuracy to within a few centimeters

 Human Resources No Pty Ltd: MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA. Founded by Carol Champion, Human Element IT is an IT company focused on cyber security and cyber skills training.

KeyData: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Rosa Caputo, KeyData offers a risk-based strategy and a unique approach, as well as deep knowledge and experience in IAM, CIAM, PAM, compliance, performance-driven systems, and transformation that occurs through industry-leading consulting and policy integration services.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the impact of female-owned cybersecurity businesses is undeniable, framing the field with innovations and changes. Their leadership is a powerful role model, fostering growth and paving the way for a safe digital landscape. Let’s continue to support their contributions and support the diversity of cybersecurity for a more secure future.

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