Top 10 Women Data Science Influencers to follow on Linkedin in 2023

Women Data Science Influencers to follow on Linkedin

The top 10 women data scientists and tech-savvy’s to follow on Linkedin in 2023

In the field of data science, there are a lot of  data scientists mommy and women in tech who are making incredible contributions that should be acknowledged. Now without further ado. Those trailblazing female data scientists on LinkedIn are people you should be following are following.

1.Kate Starchnyi

Data visualization in any way? The GOAT is Kate. The data scientist is the founder of the DATAcated Academy, which specializes in providing training on the best techniques for data visualisation. She has written four books. Journey to Data Scientist, Mothers of Data Science, Data Literacy for Kids ll, and The Disruptors: Leading Data Scientists Biographical biographies of influential leaders in data science, volume 1. The female entrepreneur balances her parental duties while juggling all of this. So it makes perfect sense why she has over 100,000 LinkedIn followers.

2.Mengyao Wang

Mengyao is likely to be stunned for two reasons: first, she might be surprised that she has been spotted, and second, she is still studying data science. No, when I say she is still learning, I really mean it! The tech-savvy’s posts nonetheless pack a punch, mostly consisting of links to free books about Machine Learning and Data Science, even though she may not have the following that Kate or some of the other Ladies mentioned do.

3.Cassie Kozyrkov

When you pick up Cassie’s CV and start to shake it, you start to question whether your life choices up to this point have been wise. Man, that woman is knowledgeable! I get the impression that she has a cheerful yet gentle attitude, which comes through in the straightforward ways in which she breaks down difficult subjects. She is employed by Google as a Chief Decision Data Scientist.

4.Angela Baltes

Congratulations to Angela on her new position as an adjunct professor at New York University, first and foremost. She works as an analyst and a data scientist. Two distinct personalities in her can be observed. The woman in tech is definitely in a league of her own. The first is this very sombre individual who expresses her worries about questionable hiring methods for data scientists, while the second is a person who enjoys engaging in a lot of humor.

5.Kristen Kehrer

Kristen has more than 10 years of expertise in the sector, is a data science instructor at UC Berkeley Extension, and founded Data Moves. The data scientist mommy frequently converses with someone relating to what she does when she is live on LinkedIn.

6.Rachel Thomas

The USF Center for Applied Data Ethics, founded by Rachel Thomas, strives to address harms like misinformation, surveillance, algorithmic prejudice, and other misuse of data. Rachel recently launched a free course called Applied Data Ethics since she is so enthusiastic about ethics in the data realm. A fantastic approach to stay informed about the ethical implications of data is to follow Rachel.

7.Elena Tej Grewal

Elena worked at AirBnB for about 7 years, 3 of which were spent in her final position as Director, Head of Data Science. The female entrepreneur is now the founder of the data science consultancy Data 2 the People. A data scientist executive who combines hard science and human sensitivity to benefit others.

8.Caitlin Smallwood

Caitlin Smallwood is a dynamic executive with expertise working for major digital companies like Netflix in the fields of data science and data engineering. The woman in tech is passionate in using data, analytics, algorithms, and other related technologies to add value to people’s businesses. She has led teams of outstanding business and data experts, taken part in several corporate strategy decisions and conversations, and instilled strong leadership qualities in others.

9.Carla Gentry

Product evangelist and data scientist Carla specialises in thorough customer satisfaction and retention analysis, brand research and competitive analysis, employee retention study, and much more. Her data analytics expertise is concentrated on assisting companies in deriving useful information from huge databases. In her illustrious over 20-year career, the tech-savvy has worked as a freelance data scientist for more than 6 years.

10.Arthi Suresh

Facebook’s data science manager is Arthi Suresh. The woman in tech is passionate about unravelling complex issues in order to create effective goods. Products that support learning, knowledge-sharing, and commerce for small enterprises are of particular interest to Arthi. She works on assembling data science teams to comprehend the wants and values of distinct communities through improved recommendations, comment rating, and comprehension of the intricate user, admin, and creator dynamics.

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