The Top 10 Powerful Women in Cybersecurity in the Year 2022

Women leaders in cybersecurity

The top 10 women leaders in cybersecurity 2022: Since women leaders have developed into a necessity for all sectors of the economy, this year’s list of women in a digital world include some of the most accomplished experts in the field, is more crucial than ever.

Most of the honorees this year work for cybersecurity companies directly, committing their efforts to safeguard their clients’ priceless online assets in an increasingly digital world. For which female entrepreneurs are playing a huge role.

1. Jamie Smith, RSA Security

Jamie Smith serves as RSA Security’s Chief Computer Analyst and Cybersecurity Officer. With a variety of capabilities and areas of expertise, such as integrated risk management, threat detection and response, identity and access management, and more, RSA Security assists in managing digital risk. Smith oversees the business’s whole cybersecurity operation.

2. Poornima DeBolle, Menlo Security

Poornima DeBolle is the co-founder and chief product officer of Menlo Security, a top supplier in the Isolation market that prioritises user experience while securing clients all around the world. She is renowned for advising security professionals on which use cases require particular attention in order to protect productivity and support the success of contemporary organisations. DeBolle previously oversaw security management, security analytics, and cloud security while working as a product management executive at Juniper Networks.

3. Jadee Hanson, Code 42

Jadee Hanson oversees worldwide risk and compliance, security operations, incident response, and the insider threat programme at Code42 as both the company’s chief information security officer and chief information officer. A Black Unicorn – Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity and Top 10 CISO in 2021, according to Cyber Defense Magazine, is Hanson.

4. Cheryl VanVoorhees, Optiv Security

Cheryl VanVoorhees is Optiv Security’s executive vice president of operations and is in charge of the company’s core operations, services, and sales support functions. She is also accountable for driving the scale of her business to enable growth. VanVoorhees is known in the business community as a strategy-driven CEO with proficiency in building and managing high-performing teams.

5. Meg Berry, Axonius

At Axonius, Meg Berry serves as vice president of demand generation. She is in charge of developing and scaling the company’s growth strategy. She is a founding member of the Axonius marketing team with more than six years of experience in cybersecurity and 13 years in demand generation.

6. Erica Geil, Snyk

The Chief Information Officer of Snyk, a developer security platform firm that enables companies to leverage open source code while maintaining complete security, is Erica Geil. Geil leads outstanding performance as a C-suite executive while fostering trust and cooperation among international, cross-functional teams like Corporate Information Systems and Information Security. Geil’s competence in pre- and post-public offer scaling has earned her a solid reputation.

7. Katie Hanahan, IT savvy

Katie Hanahan is the company’s vice president of cybersecurity strategy. ITsavvy is one of the first companies in the nation to focus on both quick product delivery and cutting-edge IT solutions. She places high importance on solid solution partnerships, operational flexibility, and a creative mentality, especially when it comes to handling new security threats.

8. Tammie Tham, Ensign InfoSecurity

Ensign InfoSecurity’s chief executive officer is Tammie Tham. Tham served as the organization’s enterprise portfolio management division’s chief for several years after joining Ensign as one of its founding members in 2017. Tham is a seasoned professional with 20 years of expertise in cybersecurity. Tham is on the board of directors for Mediacorp and the board of trustees for the Singapore Institute of Technology. She serves as the Co-Chair of the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance as well as the Honorary Secretary of SGTech.

9. Sara Shekel, AU10TIX

In October 2018, Sara Shekel was appointed Chief Delivery Officer for AU10TIX. Israel-based AU10TIX, a leader in identity intelligence, offers vital, flexible solutions to integrate physical and digital identities so that businesses and their clients may interact with confidence.

10. Pamela Diaz, Entara

Pamela Diaz is the president and CEO of Entara, a brand-new type of IT-managed services company created to assist clients in moving beyond their current problems and the immediate needs of today. Diaz founded Forecheck, an automated incident management, remediation, and resilience tool designed to protect businesses from recurrent attacks, in addition to her work at Entara.

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