Stratum100: Securing Global Leaders in Tech Recruiting

Stratum100 specializes in recruiting senior executives and business leaders in the outsourcing and technology sectors throughout Europe, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. The organization’s deep industry knowledge enables the team to fulfill the client’s distinctive recruitment needs. Since the firm’s inception in 2014, Stratum100 has become a reliable ally for a spectrum of companies, from burgeoning startups to established Fortune 500 corporations, in their search for outstanding IT leadership. Offering a full array of services customized for the IT sector’s specific demands, Stratum100 delivers all-encompassing solutions. The company’s expertise spans executive searches, leadership evaluations, talent mapping, and succession strategy, equipping clients to discover, engage, and secure premier IT professionals. The organization’s expansive network allows the team to tap into a pool of candidates with varied backgrounds and cultures, assuring the company’s clients access to unparalleled talent, regardless of location.

Empowering Tech Leadership: Strategic Vision

Tanya Verma, an alumna of the University of Nottingham in the UK with a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, furthered her education with a Master’s from the London School of Economics, pivoting towards business. Tanya Verma’s professional journey began at HSBC in sales and trading, a role that sharpened her aspiration to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. This realization steered her towards a boutique recruitment firm in London, where she specialized in placing quantitative analysts within the hedge fund sector. The recruitment industry, unlike the rigid hierarchy of banking, offered Tanya the flexibility and autonomy she sought, empowering her to shape her career trajectory and embrace entrepreneurial ventures. Her tenure at a smaller firm provided a comprehensive view of the industry. Ultimately, Tanya found her niche in executive-level tech recruitment, a field that afforded her stability amidst economic uncertainties. In 2014, Tanya founded Stratum 100, an executive search firm that synergizes advanced technology, bespoke service, and profound tech industry insight to ensure unmatched outcomes for both clients and candidates. As Managing Director and a female founder in the tech arena, Tanya is instrumental in steering the firm’s direction, culture, and success. She is committed to fostering robust relationships with clients, including Fortune 500 tech companies and venture capital firms, by deeply understanding their needs and talent aspirations.

Overcoming Barriers: A Resilient Leadership Journey

Tanya Verma attributes her accomplishments to early positive influences, notably a supportive family that championed her ambitions and a quality education that bolstered her confidence and leadership pursuits. As a female business leader in a predominantly male industry, Tanya has navigated through gender biases, stereotypes, and systemic barriers. These challenges have underscored the significance of resilience, determination, and questioning the status quo. She credits much of her success to the lessons learned from early entrepreneurial failures, viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth and strengthening her leadership. Tanya’s interactions with candidates of diverse backgrounds have honed her understanding of cultural nuances and communication styles. The multifaceted nature of recruitment, from initial contact to job offers, demands adaptability in communication. Her ability to connect with individuals from different cultures has enriched her with varied perspectives and has been instrumental in her success as a leader in the recruitment industry.

Charting Success: Entrepreneurial Leadership Balance

In the tech industry, Tanya Verma faced the prevalent gender bias and stereotypes that challenged many female executives. As a young leader, she encountered significant obstacles in securing the necessary capital, resources, and support networks to establish and expand a tech recruitment firm. The intricate balance between entrepreneurial demands and personal and family responsibilities was particularly challenging during the initial phase of her firm’s establishment. Embracing the dual roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship, significantly when expanding her business globally, presented Tanya with unique challenges that demanded meticulous planning and adaptability, particularly when travel was required at short notice. Navigating societal expectations and internalized beliefs led to feelings of guilt and pressure, which she overcame with self-compassion and by valuing her entrepreneurial pursuits as much as her role as a mother. Tanya also acknowledges the early mentorship she received within her professional network, which provided her with practical insights and invaluable guidance. At the young age of 22, she secured her first tech recruitment contract with a global outsourcing firm worth 8 billion USD, a testament to the trust, support, and investment they placed in her potential and success.

Empowering Teams: Ethical Leadership Approach

Tanya Verma believes that effective leadership is a blend of various skills and attributes that not only inspire and motivate but also steer individuals and teams toward common objectives. In recruitment, she emphasizes the necessity of empathy and emotional intelligence, which are vital for managing interpersonal relationships, resolving conflicts, and fostering trust. In the dynamic and often unpredictable business landscape of today, Tanya advocates for adaptability and resilience. She views embracing change, learning from failures, and recovering with renewed strength as essential qualities that instill confidence and optimism in her team. For Tanya, maintaining high ethical standards and integrity in every action and decision is paramount. She holds transparency in high regard, considering it fundamental to gaining the trust of her team, candidates, and clients. She also places great importance on continuous learning and self-improvement, which she sees as crucial for staying relevant and maintaining effectiveness as a business leader.

Innovating Responsively: Strategic Market Insight

Tanya Verma underscores the importance of audience comprehension prior to implementing changes or innovations. Her marketing team is dedicated to continuous research and feedback collection. Through regular interactions with candidates and clients, they delve into behavioral analysis to grasp their requirements, inclinations, and challenges. She fosters a culture that prizes innovation, encouraging brainstorming sessions and experimentation as catalysts for fresh ideas. Staying abreast of industry movements, technological progress, and competitors’ tactics is pivotal for Tanya’s team to pinpoint prospects for innovation.

Driving Innovation: Embracing Disruptive Technologies

Tanya Verma recognizes the transformative impact of disruptive technologies on conventional business models, acknowledging their role in creating new market opportunities and influencing consumer behavior. She advocates for a visionary and experimental leadership approach, emphasizing the importance of adopting technologies like AI, blockchain, and IoT to revolutionize current industries and businesses. Tanya believes that these technologies not only facilitate risk-taking but also empower her teams to pursue innovative and original ideas. Moreover, Tanya considers the integration of sustainability, diversity, and ethical practices into leadership roles as essential, reflecting the evolving expectations of stakeholders and society at large.

Adapting Swiftly: Tech Evolution Strategy

Tanya Verma believes that the tech industry will continue its swift evolution, driven by advancements in AI, virtual reality, and biotechnology. She believes that companies must rapidly adapt, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and ethical practices to maintain competitiveness. She acknowledges that while these technologies promise to revolutionize various sectors by improving efficiency and fostering innovation, they also bring challenges in privacy, cybersecurity, and ethics that must be addressed. At Stratum100, Tanya is committed to harnessing these technologies to bolster the firm’s capacity for delivering outstanding outcomes in a dynamic business environment.

Advocating Confidence: Leadership Empowerment Strategy

Tanya Verma advocates for self-belief and confidence in one’s capabilities as essential for assuming leadership roles. She values her strengths and unique perspectives as critical assets. She emphasizes the importance of having mentors and a network of peers for guidance, support, and developmental opportunities. Tanya also encourages learning the art of negotiation to secure fair compensation, promotions, and advancement opportunities, underscoring the importance of self-worth and the practice of self-validation.

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