Now a Safe and Hygienic Destination for Women!

Travelling is becoming safe and hygienic for women

The Kerala state tourism branch has released a ‘Women-Friendly Tourism’ task to make certain secure and hygienic locations for women. The all-women excursion programs, which consist of food, accommodation, transportation, and network guides, can be managed and operated with the aid of using women. Launching the state Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission’s initiative, Tourism Minister Mohamed Riyas stated Kerala already enjoys the recognition because the most secure vacation spot for women tourists. He additionally inaugurated a one-day workshop organized as a part of the task. Delivering the keynote address, UN Women India Deputy Representative Kanta Singh stated developing a secure, dependable, and hygienic infrastructure that addresses the wishes of women is important even as imposing the task. UN Women will signal an MoU with RT Mission concerning gender-inclusive tourism, she stated. Through the task, RT Mission’s objectives are to create a community of women’s devices and tourism centers manned with the aid of using women. The task can even make certain that tourist locations in the kingdom are gratifying the wishes of women tourists. As a part of taking the initiative to all districts, RT Mission will offer schooling to chosen women to work as excursion coordinators, storytellers, network excursion leaders, auto/taxi drivers (visitor handling), homestay operators, and in numerous different sectors like memento creation. All simple infrastructure can be made to be had for the task, to have a month-to-month assessment process, led with the aid of using the tourism minister. 

If all is going in step with the plan, women tourists to Kerala can be capable of picking out from all-women excursion programs in which associated services, together with accommodation, food, transport, network guides, etc. can also be furnished with the aid of using women. With solo or institutional tours with the aid of using ladies on the rise, the tourism branch of Kerala has initiated this ‘Women Friendly Tourism’ task below their Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission) umbrella. The awareness can be on making tours secure and hygienic for women.

MoU between UN Women India and Kerala RT Mission

Recently, a one-day workshop became additionally organized beneath neath the assignment. According to media reports, Kanta Singh, UN Women India Deputy Representative, too reiterated the want for secure, dependable, and hygienic infrastructure for women at same time as addressing the workshop participants. The media additionally said that UN Women will signal a memorandum of information with the RT Mission for gender-inclusive tourism. As a part of the initiative, the Mission will offer education to women at distinct ranges to work as network excursion leaders, tale-tellers, homestay operators, taxi operators, etc. 

Keeping in thoughts the significance of the assignment, Shri Riyas stated that the nation is in want of a paradigm shift at a time when the arena going via a large boom in women solo tourists in addition to in groups. The Minister additionally stated that this marketing campaign is conceived now no longer simply as a stand-on package, but as an all-inclusive assignment to make certain the attendance of normal women in distinct sports of tourism and entice extra women tourists to the nation. 

He stated that via this assignment, RT Mission will make certain secure and hygienic locations for women tourists. Women will manage and perform the all-women excursion applications via way of means together with food, accommodation, transportation, and network guides. Also, as a part of the assignment, the minister inaugurated a one-day workshop. Deputy Representative, of UN Women India, Kanta Singh, stated that growing a secure, reliable, and hygienic infrastructure that addresses women’s wishes is essential at the same time as imposing the assignment.

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