Marla Blaylock: A Fearless Leader Innovating and Empowering the Tech Space

Marla Blaylock

In the current scenario, businesses are increasingly adopting technology to enhance growth and agility. But many of these companies are lacking the best strategy to implement and streamline their business operations. Blue Lotus Systems aims to provide best-in-class consultation to identify the gaps and opportunities for the companies. The company aims to aid in keeping an organization state-of-the-art by enabling a better business strategy and design software implementation process.

Blue Lotus Systems is an established Austin-based full-service IT Services provider with 18 years of history in enterprise platforms, bringing together world-class experts in strategic IT disciplines. Blue Lotus Systems offers services in many key domains that are designed to solve business problems and help elevate the maturity of IT organizations. Its staff has broad experience in the High-Tech, Healthcare, Government, Telecom, and Banking spaces.

Marla Blaylock, CEO of the company shares her journey and expresses her opinion on technological advancements. Being an inspiring leader, she also highlights the necessary attributes of a transformational leader.

Confidently Delivering Transformation

As CEO of Blue Lotus Systems, Marla Blaylock leads in the digital transformation efforts for Fortune 500 companies around the world. She is a passionate thought leader, providing strategic execution of organization-wide business initiatives that enhance productivity, quality, digitally-enabled product management, technology, and bottom-line financial performance. Marla possesses an impressive record and repeated success in fearlessly delivering transformational change. She has been delivering products to market through innovative hands-on operational leadership, relationship building, and project management that has led to millions of dollars in revenue generation and expense reduction.

Marla has the ability to communicate on both business and technology issues to all levels within an organization, bridging the gap between business teams and IT organizations through an understanding of history to excel in current and future product requirements. Skilled in platform technologies, Marla delivers successful large implementations that align business and IT objectives with rapid applications and development results. She possesses a broad base of technical expertise, including full enterprise architecting for product and systems implementations in high-volume, worldwide corporations.

Always Learning and Exploring

Over the course of her 30-year career, Marla states she had a lot of opportunities to do many things. The biggest and most impactful experiences, according to her, are focused on the ability to learn new things without living in a shadow of failure. Knowing that everything is not going to go according to the plan, that there will be problems of all sorts, and being allowed to tackle these challenges creates not only a positive outcome but also allows the teams to have the same opportunity, says Marla.

Woman in Tech as a Challenge in Itself

Being a woman in technology in the early years, Marla says that she had to learn to truly speak with authority. She reveals that it took coaching and guidance from her female mentors to achieve this. Marla believes that one cannot be shy about who they are or what they believe to be, as the best decision in leadership positions.

Innovation Comes From Collective Effort

Marla opines that a transformational leader should carry the ability to mentor anyone in the organization. The ability to trust the people in one’s organization is also a relevant attribute as per Marla. She says that each person contributes their piece to the solution and hence a leader needs to be able to trust them so that they may provide their piece.

Marla believes that the most important thing a leader should be able to do is listening. She interestingly notes that listen and silent have the same letters. Marla reiterates that one should allow the people around them to speak first and after everyone in the organization have spoken, and then the leader can quickly process and respond at the end. This allows the individuals the respected time and the leader will have a full view of the issue that needs a solution, states Marla.

A Customer-Centric Perspective

According to Marla, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and big data are moving the focus of leadership from the inside organizational view to the outside end-user view. She suggests that the acknowledgment that what is best for the company is no longer valid. Now every decision needs to be based on what is the best for the company’s customers, concludes Marla.

New World Needs New Solutions

The future is extremely exciting for all business verticals, says Marla. These new technologies, Marla observes, will allow the company to deliver solutions that are technically more viable due to the ability to run simulations and spot gaps. She reveals that the company currently has several projects that are on the bleeding edge and she reminds us that it is a completely new world.

An Inspiring One-Liner for Women Leaders

Marla says that budding and emerging women leaders should believe in themselves, learn as much as they can, use their voice and always remember that they matter.

Management: Marla Blaylock, CEO, Blue Lotus System


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