Cricket Popularity and Approval as a Suitable Activity for Women Fluctuate! Why So?

Let’s put the spotlight on the women’s cricket team! Why there are no Indian women on the ICC Women’s World Cup’s most valuable team?

We treat cricket in India to be a definitive sport and cricketers, to be a definitive competitor. The consideration a cricketer achieves from media, organizations, sponsors, and watchers cause cricket to give off an impression of being a charming vocation choice. This view is contorting the truth as it isn’t appropriate for women’s cricket in the country. The exhibition of the Indian men on the cricket field can bring about plenty of feelings. Nonetheless, the presentation of the Indian women’s cricket team doesn’t summon something similar. The consideration given to women’s cricket in India is miserable in contrast with their male partners.

In the meantime, the ICC delivered their ‘Most Valuable Team’ of the competition and none of the Indian players found s spot in the XI. India was taken out in the gathering stage in the wake of losing to South Africa in their last association sport.

The XI included four players from the successful Australian side, two from other participants in England, and one each from West Indies and Bangladesh. Bangladesh off-spinner Salma Khatun had wrapped up with 10 wickets from seven matches at a normal of 22.40. Britain’s Charlie Dean was named the twelfth player of the side.

No Indian cricketer figures in the 12-part “Most Valuable Team” (MVT) of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Issues looked by Women’s cricket in India

a) Historical irregularity

Men created cricket in verifiable times to feature their manliness and male attributes. It was to be played at the prohibition of women. Subsequently, men have consistently shifted the sport in support of themselves and the blessing of the all-around existing male-controlled society. For any sport to succeed it needs assets as well as watchers. The previous was non-existent for women’s cricket relationships because the male ruled command over the sport. This brought about the last option enduring also.

b) Lack of Resources and Viewers

Watchers decide if promoting offices have any desire to be engaged with installations. They likewise impact supporters to see the value in funding a player. The reason given by most watchers for not supporting the women’s group is that they are only not comparable to the men.

c) Lack of Initiative and Mismanagement

Indians have consistently believed Australia to be the trailblazer in the improvement of the women’ down. Cricket Australia got the timetable free from the men’s cricket team during the second release of the Women’s Big Bash League. This lead to a record high – 637,000 watchers for a match between the Melbourne Renegades and the Sydney Thunders. One of the key justifications for why Indian women lose the enormous world competitions is the way that they can’t act before huge groups. This is on the grounds that they are just not presented to such circumstances routinely.

d) Need for a Change in Mindset

The fantasy of each and every cricketer is to play before a stuffed crowd in probably the most verifiable grounds on the planet. The Indian women have encountered this honor when they played the 2017 World Cup finals. This was before 28,000 individuals at Lord’s as well as in the 2020 t20 World Cup finals before 86,174 individuals at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. One can consider with respect to whether the aftereffects of these finals would be different had the women been given more assets, open doors and experience.

Accordingly, with more prominent drive from the BCCI, sports telecasters as well as cricket fans themselves, the women cricketers of India make certain to arrive at more noteworthy levels and accomplish a similar degree of distinction, regard, fame and impart similar measure of pride in all Indians as delighted in by the Indian men’s group. 

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