Bisexual Women are Fetishized on Dating Apps in India, like Unicorn Hunting!

Unicorn: A dating app that supports bisexual women in India

The bisexual network has an inside joke that describes what it is like up to now as a bi person: People assume it method double the alternatives or double the fun, however it simply processes double the rejection. Self-deprecating jokes like this one are at the center of the Single People Club regardless of sexuality, however, bisexual humans do face more significant roadblocks in the relationship world. True: Online relationship sucks for everyone. Horny jerks conceal themselves as dating seekers, your DMs are continuously packed with terrible pickup strains and overly-continual creeps, and plenty of times, the site’s rules ignore the filters you’ve set. But the reality is that there are no relationship sites that cater particularly to the bi-human methods that they may be regularly swiping on those who do not take bisexuality seriously. One of the maximum antiquated stereotypes about bisexual humans is that they may be always down to fuck and down for polyamory. “Unicorn” is a period used to explain a bisexual person (commonly a woman) who sleeps with heterosexual couples. In an online relationship, unicorn looking is while a directly, taken female consumer toggles that she’s “searching out women” — now no longer searching out a female to get to understand romantically, however alternatively for a female interested by a threesome with her and her boyfriend or husband or whoever. Of course, they do not point out this till later. No one is announcing that threesomes are bad. Reddit users who’ve skilled this point out that they don’t have trouble with “moral non-monogamy.” They have trouble with being tricked into it. (There are not any fantastic apps for polyamory either, but that is why Feeld exists.)

Demanding that queer humans make their whole dating histories, sex lives, and options publicly acknowledged is a shape of bi erasure — one which an internet lifestyle bent on being vocal approximately identification has fostered. It implicitly implies a sense of ownership and entitlement that the overall public has over bisexual humans’ bodies — and joins the ranks of different approaches via which bisexual women are commodified like unicorn-looking. Remember Obama famously admitting to studying Foucault and Virginia Woolf to choose the “ethereal bisexual”? It’s a harmless remark however it speaks to now no longer only a vibe that bisexual humans are presumed to have, but a gaze they’re subjected to, making their gadgets of scrutiny and surveillance each inside directly and queer communities. And in the age of social media and hypervisibility, it makes popping out as bi messy, fraught, and harmful.

The critique of Cardi B, moreover, sounds plenty like an accusation of queerbaiting, however, “…there’s something off about accusing someone of queerbaiting based on how they specific themselves publicly,” as cited earlier, approximately how Harry Styles changed into accused of queer-baiting. Incidentally, Styles changed into the various celebrities referred to as out along with Cardi B for never publicly courting a person of the identical gender. 

But bisexuality isn’t without difficulty slotted into present kinds of information queer tradition, as a whole. Contrary to perceptions that bisexual humans are “each directly and gay” or are simply “experimenting,” studies observed that bisexual people have an excellent, implicit bisexual identity that’s different from how gay, lesbian, or straight humans understand and become aware of themselves. This method of Internet tradition demands a sure overall performance of queerness from queer people homogenizes very wonderful identities under the identical umbrella. But Internet tradition simply inherited a tradition of erasure from what preceded it: a cultural war to outline queerness and mobilize towards pain, marginalization, and damage. While it became essential to draw clear boundaries, those who complicated the lines of the one remained sidelined now no longer simply politically, but additionally culturally. But this doesn’t merely damage bisexual humans — it undermines queerness itself.

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