10 Racist, Sexist, and Downright Silly Tropes that Bollywood Should Stop Portraying

Bollywood should stop portraying silly tropes

In case you don’t recognize what it is, a trope is largely a storytelling device this is frequently used by filmmakers to save time on telling their story. For example, flora shaking together vigorously towards the sky, usually meant that the heroes and heroine are as much as some adult fun. This used to show up years in the past when showing actual kissing on-screen became unthinkable. Nowadays, filmmakers don’t want such visible tropes, they can display the deed. Yay for progress! Not all tropes are bad or harmful. When a character is unhappy and it starts raining, it simply adds to the mood of it all. But, there are masses of those recurring motifs utilized in Bollywood movies that simply want to go. While a few are racist or sexist, many are downright silly tropes and we’re bored with seeing them. Just check our nominees.

1. Heroines are there to be the inspiration for the tortured male hero 

The hero sees the heroine, falls in love, then they component ways, and the hero becomes a real artist submit heartbreak season. What do the heroines do? They both die (woohoo greater pain for the tortured artist) or they simply give up on their ambitions. Why though? 

2. Heroines with lifeless or broken parents syndrome are very deep 

In a bid to make our heroines look like actual people, Bollywood has started writing these one-note background subplots. It continues to be a job this is being done in a half-assed way. To know more, perhaps examine this. 

3. Every dating culminates in marriage 

Marriage is neither the end purpose of a successful relationship nor is it a marker of happiness. We had close to misses this year – Meri Pyaari Bindu and Ok Jaanu. While the primary one failed to inform the tale of almost love, the latter became supposedly told the story of live-in relationships like in no way before, however, failed to deliver. 

4. Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte 

With Ayan and Alizeh in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, KJo nearly gave us a platonic pair we should ship… almost. By making Ayan a crybaby who simply couldn’t take a no for an answer, he forms of ruined matters a bit. 

5. Homosexuals are there for comedian relief… so are trans people and fats people 

Dum Laga Ke Haisha controlled to give us a person like Sandhya, whose struggles stemmed from her being fat. We do have everyday issues in lifestyles too, you realize Bollywood? Can we see a few varieties in characters this time round, please? Maybe take a cue from Kapoor & Sons, wherein Fawad Khan’s person became homosexual and he wasn’t a caricature. Oh, and he also took place to produce other everyday issues in his lifestyle too. 

6. The guy is usually the savior 

We get it Bollywood, you can’t recover from the truth that guys are from Mars and women are from Venus. But, perhaps each may be the savior in a story. But Bollywood being Bollywood always try to frame man as the savior of women and women as helpless ones who always need a man for help. 

7. And the women are constantly damsels in distress 

Even in a movie like Tiger Zinda Hai, where Katrina’s Zoya is a lot greater kickass than Tiger, ultimately, he gets to save her, the day, and the world. Just prevent with this tired vintage narrative! 

8. If you’re not North Indian, you’re a stereotyped sidekick 

Pad Man is based on the actual-life tale of Arunachalam Muruganantham, an innovator and social activist from Tamil Nadu. But, Akshay Kumar’s person in the movie is known as Lakshmikant Chauhan. When do we prevent erasing the actual identities of our actual-lifestyles heroes? If this isn’t caste and class erasure, then what is?

9. Dichotomy of the good girl-bad girl 

Good girls may be naughty, and terrible girls could have shades of exact too. Stop dividing us up into extraordinary boxes. 2018, we want greater stories approximately actual ladies who’re complicated people with their flaws, dreams, and ambitions.

10. Shirtless Salman Bhai with VFX abs

Bollywood is an industry that can do anything and to any extent. This phrase can be well understood with an example from the well famous film ‘Ek Tha Tiger. I know many of you haven’t noticed it but the abs of Bhaijaan are the gift of the VFX studio that turns Salman Bhai with no abs into Salman Bhai 6 abs in just a fraction of seconds. Wah Bollywood Wah!!!

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