10 Great Women-Only NFT Avatar Collections for 2022

Top 10 women-only NFT Avatar collections for 2022

You do not want to spend lots of time in the NFT area to realize how male-ruled it is. Because it is a brand new and nerdy technology with robust ties to the cryptocurrency field, it appears to be attracting lots extra males than women. We see this meditated in the artwork as well. Particularly in the NFT avatar area, you without problem get the influence that it is a variety of male creators developing male avatars for different males. I’m never right here to mention that anybody is doing something wrong, particularly being a male collector of those NFTs myself. What I am here to mention though, is that love seeing extra women in the area and artwork representing ladies. Each and each is certainly considered one among them facilitates to enhance the NFT area in a couple of ways. Some NFT collections have an amazing blend of male and female avatars, like 0N1 Force and Skvllpvnkz. Other collections are awareness completely on women. Many of those have extremely good creators in the back of them and a number of the quality artwork in the area, and actively work to assist and empower ladies or assist companies that do. These are the collections I need to spotlight in this article. As always, none of that is financial advice however instead simply an outline of a few amazing NFT collections for ladies searching out a becoming avatar or anybody who desires to grow the female illustration of their NFT wallets. 

1. Boss Beauties 

Another pinnacle female-led NFT mission making waves in the area is Boss Beauties. The mission is the brainchild of Lisa Mayer, who has been instructing and empowering women and girls for the beyond 10 years thru her venture, My Social Canvas. Boss Beauties is an extension

of this task and elements of the proceeds from the sale assist young women through mentorship applications and scholarships. Launched in September’s final year, the mission has done a few dazzling feats, such as turning into the first-ever NFT to be displayed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

2. World of Women 

It is not simply one of the most famous female-focused NFT collections, but one of the most famous NFT collections. Period. The lovely artwork is created by the artist Yam and is without problems recognizable due to her signature hand-drawn, colorful fashion. World of Women has a variety of high-profile backers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Reese Witherspoon. It’s also the gathering in this listing with the most important charge tag by far. 

3. Sad Girls Bar 

Sad Girls Bar honestly sticks out most of the different collections in this listing with its only monochrome, black-and-white artwork. I’m personally a sucker for his or her fashion and the proud proprietor of Sad Girl #1029 and #7116. You can choose up your very own for as low as 0.0.5 ETH ($190). Owners have simply gotten an unfastened accomplice Skeletongue for every one of their Sad Girls (mint ended on November 12, 2021). 

4. Crypto.Chick(s) 

The Crypto.Chick series of 2 hundred precise 1/1 portions became the primary female NFT series whilst it was released in May 2021. Because of their restrained delivery and ancient significance, the most inexpensive Crypto.Chick proper now expenses 0.5 ETH. However, the creators have considering released a follow-up series of 10,000 Crypto.Chicks. You can, in reality, see the relation to the originals, in particular, in the Crypto Chicks’ faces, however, the artwork is lots extra colorful with effective colors and gradients. 8SIAN Similar to female representation, Asian representation is likewise extraordinarily missing in the NFT industry. Amid this, the 

5. 8SIAN 

NFT mission is attempting to resolve each of those troubles with its series of 8,888 Asian women NFTs. The mission, based on Nicole, targets to “constitute and exhibit the numerous cultures and background of Asia withinside the digital world”. True to their task, the NFTs exhibit numerous ladies from diverse Asian cultures. 

6. Fatales 

Fatales were given a lot of attention after they first released lower back on August 31, partially due to the involvement of Artchick, one of the maximum distinguished influencers in the NFT area. The mission hasn’t gotten a lot of interest these days and the charge has been on a steady decline as well. I have not been worried about the mission in any manner and may not talk about its potential, however, I in my view see the current charge of 0.0.5 ETH ($65) as an amazing deal for the artwork alone. 

7. Cool Lady Club 

Cool Lady Club hasn’t gotten almost as lots interest because the others in this listing considering its release on August 26. In truth, the majority of the gathering, inclusive of 1,999 Cool Ladies, hasn’t been bought yet. However, due to the fact they were released immediately on OpenSea, you could already locate the total series there and purchase new portions from the author for 0.02 ETH ($90). 


The faceless ENCRYPTAS avatars aren’t best supposed to attract interest to women as rising electricity in tech and science but additionally to the significance of privateness and the usage of our information online. CypherCHK, the artist in the back of it all, is in truth anonymous herself. Furthermore, the ENCRYPTAS are designed to reveal self-assurance and electricity by taking over a variety of areas in the body and their clothing is stimulated by the models of millennials and Gen Z. 

9. Fame Lady Squad 

It has one of the maximum exciting and provoking memories withinside the generative NFT world. They were released in early July and fast received a variety of positive momentum for being the primary all-female-led NFT mission. There became simply one small problem: The lady founders had been a set of men… 

10. Women and Weapons 

They were released on October 23, 2021, making it the latest series in this listing. It includes 10,000 “numerous, lovely, and badass women NFTs”, hand-drawn by artist Sara Baumann, aka Sparky. You can still choose up a WAW on OpenSea for 0.1 ETH and 5% of all proceeds visit The Malala Fund Charity.

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