10 Feminist TV Series Everyone Needs to Watch in 2023


Top 10 feminist TV series in 2023, empowering gender equality and intersectional feminism.

In 2023, the television landscape will continue to evolve, embracing a variety of stories that question conventional gender roles and champion feminist ideals. Numerous feminist TV shows are worth watching, spanning from provocative dramas to uplifting comedies. These series illuminate the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women while inspiring and educating viewers. They delve into intersectional feminism, address significant social issues, and provide visibility for underrepresented voices.

The 10 feminist TV series in 2023 offer captivating storytelling and serve as a platform for important dialogues about gender equality in the contemporary era. Whether they deconstruct stereotypes, explore the nuances of female friendships, or highlight women in positions of power, these shows make a significant impact.

1. “The Handmaid’s Tale”

“The Handmaid’s Tale” continues to captivate viewers with its dystopian depiction of a society where women are oppressed and denied basic human rights. Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, this Emmy-winning series serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of women’s autonomy and reproductive rights.

2. “Big Little Lies”

“Big Little Lies” delves into the complexity of women’s lives through a murder mystery narrative. This compelling drama tackles topics such as spousal abuse, parenthood, and power dynamics in affluent communities, offering a thought-provoking critique of gender roles and societal norms.

3. “Killing Eve”

“Killing Eve” redefines the spy genre with its suspenseful cat-and-mouse game between a skilled assassin and a determined intelligence operative. This critically acclaimed series subverts traditional gender clichés by presenting multifaceted female characters who challenge the boundaries of femininity and power.

4. “GLOW”

“GLOW” takes viewers back to the 1980s, providing an entertaining and heartwarming portrayal of an all-female professional wrestling promotion. This comedy-drama explores themes of female friendship, resilience, and the pursuit of aspirations, shedding light on the challenges women face in the male-dominated entertainment industry.

5. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is set in 1950s New York and follows the journey of a housewife-turned-stand-up comedian. With sharp wit and engaging storytelling, this Emmy-winning comedy explores issues of gender inequity, motherhood, and the quest for independence.

6. “Orphan Black”

“Orphan Black” follows the gripping story of Sarah Manning, who discovers she is one of many clones. The series delves into themes of identity, agency, and the ethical implications of scientific experimentation, while showcasing a diverse array of powerful and nuanced female characters.

7. “The Crown”

“The Crown” chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, highlighting her struggles and achievements as one of the world’s most powerful figures. This masterfully produced series delves into gender dynamics, political maneuvering, and the sacrifices made by women in positions of power.

8. “Fleabag”

“Fleabag” is an innovative comedy-drama that delves into the life of a complex and flawed woman navigating contemporary relationships. With its daring exploration of sexuality, grief, and the female experience, this series offers a refreshingly honest and nuanced representation of femininity.

9. “America”

“America” transports viewers to the 1970s, exploring the struggle for the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States. This stirring miniseries highlights the triumphs and setbacks of the feminist movement, showcasing the tenacity and resilience of women who fought for gender equality.

10. “Insecure”

“Insecure”, created by and starring Issa Rae, provides an honest and relatable portrayal of the lives of two best friends navigating careers, love, and personal growth. This critically acclaimed series offers fresh perspectives on race, gender, and the complexities of modern-day relationships.

The landscape of feminist TV shows in 2023 features a variety of tales that highlight the struggles and triumphs experienced by women. The ten series highlighted below offer complex depictions of femininity, fresh viewpoints on gender and cultural norms, and encouragement of women’s grit and drive. They range from challenging dramas to uplifting comedies. These series or programs are recommended for anyone who wishes to learn more about women’s experiences.

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