How are Women Entrepreneurs Leaving a Mark in Media and Entertainment Industry?

Women entrepreneurs leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry becoming the next revolutionary movement

India is a diversified country with rich culture, ethnicity and is an important biodiversity hotspot. However, women and inequality are widely prevalent in both personal and professional spaces. However, times are changing, and women entrepreneurs leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry are pacing ahead of pre-historic societal notions. 

Starting with statistics, the economic census states that the percentages of women entrepreneurs in India make up 8.05 million out of 58.5 million approximately, according to the Census. Entrepreneurship in India is pacing its way to become the next revolutionary movement, and women entrepreneurs are at the frontlines of this growing industry.

Women in the Field of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a field that is expanding with each passing day. In case you’re wondering how this is possible, the answer is “start-up culture.” The start-up ecosystem in India comprises over 74,000, while more than 7,000 are funded by the Government under the Start-Up India scheme.

The Start-Up India scheme works towards nurturing entrepreneurship skills among women. With this scheme, women entrepreneurs leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry are increasing manifold. Women entrepreneurs account for 14% of entrepreneurs in India, according to recent statistics.

Businesses owned by women play a significant role in bringing constructive changes to society. Not only are they an inspiration to other women, but they balance the growth of the economy.

Current Entrepreneurship Landscape for Women in India:

Entrepreneurship occupies an essential place in the growth of the economy. A balance between the contribution of both women and men cannot be ignored in the entire process. However, the contribution differs from one region to another. In India, statistics show a sharp decline of women entrepreneurs in rural places. Some of the main problems women face are finance, which leaves trails for challenges to acquire raw materials, competition, familial roles, lack of education, dominant male societies, and the list goes on.

Future Prospects for Women Entrepreneurs:

Women in business are picking up with the pace of the world. While ethical morals are left behind, women pick them up on the way to success all over again.

Indian women entrepreneurs leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry are helping to re-shape the perception of Indian society. Women entrepreneurs’ core intention lies in inspiring other women to venture outside their homes’ four walls. With ongoing policies, educational schemes, access to media, and start-up culture, women can now dream and work to be a part of a global entrepreneurial culture.

A Strong Support Framework:

We need to create a network where all these bodies work jointly to create a nurturing ecosystem that motivates and supports women entrepreneurs while providing them with the much-needed training in literacy for women entrepreneurs leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry, understanding competence and competitiveness, mentoring and other necessary resources, to make a quantum leap.

Equally important is making technology accessible, simple, and mobile-friendly to enable women entrepreneurs in embracing a digital mindset while giving them access to social media and e-commerce channels.

Girl Rising:

Many factors have led to this upsurge like social acceptance of women entrepreneurship leaving a mark in the media and entertainment industry, better access to education, raising awareness, and political campaigns around saving the girl child and promoting girl education. There was a time when this country thought of a girl child as a taboo and suppressed them let alone their education. 

This country has seen political parties come and go but every government formed has given utmost importance to the girl child and their education. Women have faced it all from fighting for their rights to making it on their own in every aspect of life. Today, we witness women walking and doing their bit in every field and every industry.

Sectors That Women are Favoring:

The top sectors where women have shown business excellence are- Professional services, IT, Apparel and Accessories, Food and Beverages, and the Manufacturing sector. The cities with the highest number of women entrepreneurs are Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Women have come a long way fighting, surviving, taking charge, and making their mark in this country. There has been a surge of changes this country has witnessed over the past few years and one of them is the rise and empowerment of women.

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