10 Self-Care Habits for Successful Women

Being a confident and successful woman doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes time, energy and practice

Self-care habits for successful women often comes with a massive to do list. As women, they do so much for others and they simply do not put themselves first often enough. But without giving their body, mind and overall self a break, and taking care of us, they cannot possibly be successful. Self-care habits for successful women formulate them to achieve and maintain their success, in whatever form that is for them.

These self-care habits for successful women can help you prioritise self-care and incorporate it into your day without feeling like they’re simply adding more to their plate.

1. She Makes Time to Exercise:

Self-care habits for successful women really starts with looking after their body. It’s the only one they’re given and need to take care of it. Sure, some days lazing and watching Netflix counts as a ‘rest’ day and is good for self-care too, but they also need to make sure your body is strong and healthy.

They could start with making time to walk a few days a week, add incidental exercise like parking further away or doing squats as you unload the dishwasher. It all adds up. Make a commitment to making the time to exercise.

2. She Understands the Value of Alone Time:

If they’re an introvert, chances are they already know the alone time to recharge and recalibrate. But extroverts can benefit from this time too. During alone time they are given the opportunity to be with themselves, reflect on they are, where they are and where they want to be.

The problem is, the busier they get, the less alone time they seem to have. Creating this alone time and finding the value in it is so important for them.

3. She Rewards Herself with Desires, Not Food:

There’s a big difference between a treat every now and then and rewarding yourself with food. Rather than saying ‘when I achieve this, I’m going to eat this’, a successful woman sets goals with rewards that are her wants and desires, such as a weekend away or a massage.

Giving yourself tangible rewards that aren’t food ensures you keep up with the whole idea of looking after your body and your mind. This means you won’t feel guilty about your rewards and are more likely to achieve them rather than self-sabotage.

4. She Schedules Self Care Like She Would Any Other Appointment:

If they had an important meeting with a client or even a potential client you wouldn’t miss it would they?

They’d schedule it in and make sure they’re there. When setting their schedule and intentions for the week, be sure to allow enough time and even block out time for self-care. If they have it written down and scheduled in your far more likely to stick with it and make it happen.

5. She Understands the Value of The Word ‘No’:

Both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are two of the most powerful words we use, unfortunately we seem to use ‘yes’ far too often when we really want to be and should be saying ‘no’. How many times have you committed to something because you couldn’t say ‘no’? You wanted to, but you felt guilty for it or obliged to say ‘yes’.

‘No’ is a word you need to become comfortable with saying. Because often when you say ‘no’ to others, you’re saying ‘yes’ to yourself. You’re saying yes to giving yourself extra time, to putting yourself first and to putting your priorities first. It’s okay to say ‘no’.

6. She Eats Healthy (Most of The Time):

Even the most hardcore health nuts will tell you that eating perfectly healthy 100% of the time is an unrealistic goal.

As soon as you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have something, guess what happens? Uh yeah, you want it and you want it bad. So rather than feel guilty when that Krispy Kreme makes its way into your hands, own it, enjoy it and don’t regret it.

It’s so important to nourish our body with good foods. Sometimes this is harder than others, but if you set your intention and start your day in a healthy way, it’s much easier to stick with. Plan your meals if that works better for you, avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry or even get healthy meals delivered. Whatever you need to do to ensure you’re giving your body the best you can. It’s a pretty awesome piece of machinery – look after it.

7. She Flexes Her Creative Muscles:

Self-care habits for successful women have a creative flair, some of us just don’t realise it.

Whether you love writing, drawing, creating, making, designing or anything in between, flexing your creative ‘muscles’ activates a different area of the brain to the analytical side and gets you thinking in different ways

Find what you love doing and do more of that. Or if you’re not quite sure what you love, start experimenting. Take a class, learn a skill you’ve always wanted to learn and get creative.

8. She Makes Little Life Upgrades:

Giving yourself little upgrades in life can help make you feel a million dollars without having to actually spend a million dollars. These little upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune but the impact they have on the way you feel about yourself is amazing. You don’t have to go out and buy yourself a new car but maybe pay for your car to be washed every few weeks so it looks good. The little things make the biggest difference.

9. She Connects With Others:

How often do you make time to connect with those you love. Just as we need to reconnect with ourselves, it’s also important to make time to connect with others.

Whether it’s scheduling in a coffee and catch up with a friend or making time for a family dinner, make connections with others a priority.

It’s not only for the ones we love. Getting out to networking events and meeting new people can put you out of your comfort zone and help you expand yourself and your business.

10. She Lets Negativity Go:

The biggest change in my attitude came when I decided to stop letting the little things get to me. That was it, line in the sand, not going to happen.

Instead of complaining about people who were doing things ‘wrong’ I reminded myself that they might just have a different outlook on things.

It’s not an easy thing to do, negativity becomes a habit and can be difficult to break, but learning how to let the negativity go can free up so much more mental space and emotional space – you’ll feel so much better for it.

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