Which MNC Offers Best Career Options for Women

Top 10 MNCs Offering Exceptional Career Opportunities for Women in 2024

When assessing multinational corporations (MNCs) that provide better employment opportunities for women, it is important to look at several key factors including corporate structure, work life balance, opportunities for advancement, gender and feminist diversity policies and overall workplace culture. Here are a few multinationals that often emphasize their commitment to gender equality and support for women’s career advancement:


Accenture is known for its commitment to gender equality. The company has set ambitious goals for gender equality, aiming for a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. Accenture offers extensive training programs, mentoring opportunities and flexible work arrangements to support women in their work at all times.


Google is always at the forefront of its inclusive workplace culture. The company offers full benefits, parental leave and flexible working hours. Google’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) such as Women@Google provide a strong support network and promote professional development for women.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to empowering women through initiatives such as the Women’s Leadership & Inclusion (WLI) program. The company offers strong support for work-life balance, including extensive maternity and paternity leave packages, flexible career options and on-site childcare facilities

Procter and Gambling (P&G)

P&G is known for its strong commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. The company has a number of programs aimed at advancing women’s careers, including a leadership development program, mentoring opportunities and a strong focus on creating a flexible work environment


Unilever has made great strides in promoting gender diversity. The company’s Un stereotype program aims to eliminate harmful stereotypes in their advertising and office spaces. Unilever offers generous parental leave, flexible working arrangements and comprehensive career development programs for women.


IBM has a long history of supporting women in the workplace. The company offers a number of programs to promote diversity and inclusion, such as the Women in Engineering and the Women’s Leadership Council. IBM offers flexible career paths, career development resources, and mentoring programs.


Salesforce is recognized for its efforts to create a gender-equal workplace. The company conducts regular pay equity audits and has implemented policies to ensure appropriate promotional activities. Salesforce offers a variety of professional development programs and flexible career plans to support women.


Microsoft has implemented several initiatives to support women’s career development, including mentoring programs, leadership training, and networking opportunities through groups such as Women at Microsoft the company offers generous parental leave and flexible career options.


Deloitte is committed to fostering an inclusive culture through a number of initiatives aimed at advancing women in leadership roles. The company offers mentoring programs, leadership development and comprehensive work-life balance support through a flexible business plan.


The Citi has been recognized for its efforts to improve gender balance through initiatives such as the Women’s Leadership Development Program and the Women’s Leadership Forum the Company offers flexible working arrangements and comprehensive parental leave policies.

Conclusion: These companies are widely recognized for their commitment to providing a supportive and empowering environment for women, creating excellent products for women looking to advance their careers in the corporate world.

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