Mentoring Network Platform: An Initiative to Promote Women’s Leadership in the Indian Economy

India is promoting women’s leadership through these mentoring network platforms: know more

Women claimed business enterprises assume a basic part in the economic empowerment of women. Nonetheless, it is just 7 out of 100 start-ups in India are driven by women. It is a ground reality that numerous women quit their start-up dreams in light of the absence of assets, higher risk factors, absence of promotion, executives and financial abilities, and the weight of consistence costs. Women drove start-ups have frequently shared that there is a shortfall of mentorship and in particular a biological system that can direct and reinforce original women’s business.

A tutoring stage was sent off on June 28, 2022, at a startup eco-framework partner studio at Assam Startup-the home, for supporting women drove start-ups in South Asia by offering consistent admittance to Industry specialists, space subject matter experts, legal consistency experts, and business visionaries to assist women start-ups with conquering development impediments. 

This is essential for our drive with help of U.S. Department General Kolkata and in a joint effort with the Assam Startup-IIMCIP. Agents from various brooding places, financing bodies, graduated class organizations, Universities, social associations and women drove start-ups from Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur, Rowing, Kokrajhar, Itanagar, Aizwal, Kohima, Mumbai, and Kolkata partook in the studio.

Mentoring Network Platform ( has been sent off to help women drive start-ups in eastern and north-eastern India by offering consistent admittance to mentors. A portion of the advantages will be admittance to area explicit mentors, backing to test proto-type, data on financing sources, and so forth.

The tutoring network stage looks to make a more impartial existence where women can contribute definitively in all circles of their lives without confronting physical, social, or instructive boundaries.

In a bid to make a more gender-adjusted organization, the DDB Mudra Group has effectively sent off ‘The Phyllis India Project’, an extended mentorship program to empower and urge women to flourish in positions of authority and drive proficient development.

The complete preparation program incorporates a modified professional plan for every member in light of their objectives and improvement regions. The program rises above the limits of the expert circle by assisting members with exploring mental and cultural difficulties, for example, encountering parenthood faultless, beating the inability to acknowledge success, boldness, and self-conviction, making your voice heard, and other such subjects.

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