Top Female Wellness App to Download for 2022

The female wellness app is the best option that could have happened for women in India

Looking to make 2022 your “year of health”, then you need not look any further than your smartphone. As well as connecting with friends, looking up dinner recipes and streaming music for our workouts, there are a whole host of new ways we can use our everyday tech to boost our wellbeing – including an assortment of female wellness apps aimed at just that.

Track your period, manage your sleep cycle, ease stress and find health-boosting recipes with one edit of the best female wellness app on your phone’s store right now – after all, if we can order takeaways and taxis at a tap of a button, why not try some meditation.

1. Clue:

Swot up on your cycle with the period-tracking app Clue, and learn more about how your period affects you.

With the options to input symptoms such as cramps and headaches throughout the month, as well as lifestyle factors such as alcohol, sleep, and sex, you’ll quickly build up a picture of how your cycle not only affects your physical health but your mental health too. An essential tool for any woman looking to get to know her body better.

2. Noom:

Switch the way you think about food and dieting to become healthier with the weight loss program Noom.

Based on the psychology of food, and our behaviors to it, Noom focuses on changing behaviors, rather than cutting out foods and following an intense fitness schedule – all recommended by a team of nutritionists, personal trainers, and behavioral psychologists.

The app has 1:1 health coaching, health quizzes, and articles to motivate you plus you can track your exercise, weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

3. Exhale:

Exhale is the first emotional female wellness app for and by black, indigenous women of color (BIPOC).

The app inspires self-care, mindfulness, and rest through content curated by BIWOC – including meditations, coaching talks, affirmations, guided visualizations, and breathwork.

4. Meditopia:

Meditopia’s library offers over 1000+ guided meditations on topics including stress, anxiety, acceptance, happiness, motivation, focus, and breath.

With over 7 million members worldwide, they offer each of these members deep-dive meditations. Even if you don’t have your iPhone with you, you can access all of the content from Apple Watch, and start your day off with daily meditation or one of your favorite practices.

5. Results Wellness Lifestyle:

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s fitness app Results Wellness Lifestyle prides itself on the ability to house all your health apps in one place with 1000+ workouts, 600+ recipes, four mindset courses, 11 structured programs, and weekly live workout classes. We love the ‘pain clinic’ section, too, which focuses on managing back pain.

6. My Possible Self:

 Women’s mental health is a concern, My Possible Self may be the app for you.

Use the ‘moments’ function to monitor your feelings and recognize any patterns or triggers in your behavior, and the self-help ‘modules’ to tackle issues such as stress, anxiety, loss, or major life changes.

7. HealthifyMe:

HealthifyMe is a health and female wellness app that contains in its database more than 20,000 Indian foods. This makes this app the perfect partner for any Indian woman looking to lose weight, track their food intake or stay fit. It also offers an on-demand fitness trainer, yoga instructor, and dietician. Also, get personalized health & weight loss suggestions all the time from Ria, the world’s first AI-powered nutritionist.

8. Sleep Cycle:

If you have trouble falling asleep or getting up or feel that you are not getting enough sleep, it would be good to try Sleep Cycle App. It tracks your sleep patterns and provides tips to optimize your sleep. Also, it has an alarm clock that gently wakes you up and makes you feel refreshed. You will have to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or the floor so that the app can record your sleep pattern.

9. Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker:

If you are a person who needs to take pills regularly, you know that it’s tough to ensure whether you have taken medication on time and as prescribed by the doctor. Whether it’s medications, measurements, or exercise, MyTherapy reminders help you stay in control of your health. This female wellness app will also help you to measure key health indicators like weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc which help you to manage your disease. MyTherapy is available for free and no registration is required.

10. YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor:

To look confident and beautiful is integral to a women’s life. YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor can help you decide on what lip color, hairstyle, or even accessory would suit you before heading to the store. Now, one can be sure of going forward with a completely new look as the app help you visualize the look beforehand itself. Finally, you can always do a retouch with this app to make you look the best in the snap.

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