Women in Rural India Unheard! Media and Tech to the Rescue

The role of media and tech innovation in empowering rural women of India

The utilization of the internet and internet-related innovations is on an ascent in India. Today, innovative instruments, for example, cell phones, messaging apps, and social media platforms are being gotten to for speaking with each other as well as for procuring occupations. 

Surprising that this change isn’t just being seen in the urban regions that have routinely been the center point of innovative reception yet additionally in the rural part of India

According to a report by the Internet and Mobile Association, there are 227 million active internet clients in the rural part of the country, which is 10% more than the 205 million active clients in the urban part of the country.

There are approximately 350 million women in rural India and as men from the towns move to the urban areas looking for occupations, women are abandoned to fight for them as well as their families. 

The internet has advanced into the urban social orders and presently is leaking progressively into the rural regions also. The availability of telephones in the country of India has opened up new roads. Rural is not reserved from this extraordinary innovation and are utilizing it to their advantage. Beginning with social media like WhatsApp and Facebook, women in rural regions are seen looking through plans or fine art, and so on YouTube and redesigning their abilities. 

Aside from their assurance, something else that these women share practically speaking is their utilization of different innovative tools. They utilized a blend of social media platforms, messaging apps, and payment platforms to scale their organizations.

Among a large group of innovations is a solar power dryer, which gets dried out vegetables like tomatoes, lemon skins, spinach, bananas, drumsticks, and so forth, all inside two or three hours.

Instead of a gathering of pompous Instagrammers, we track down an opposite and strong power of women, utilizing the net, to master and hold onto a range of abilities to make themselves financially independent.

Media and innovation intercessions can engage women and make financial development and we should utilize it to make sway at every conceivable level, even rural women. Women’s empowerment assumes a vital part in the general improvement of any general public other than emphatically affecting the regular routines of women. 

Women living in rural India, utilized in both talented and incompetent work in the hinterlands, have figured out how to state their privileges and requests through different stages. They have utilized natural worries, financial headway, and advanced stages to look for validity, autonomy, and intensity locally.

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