The Role of Women in the Creation of Innovative Tech Start-Up

Entrepreneurship has attracted women in the creation of innovative tech start-ups which is underrepresentation

A recent study showed that campaigns led by women in the creation of innovative tech start-ups across the world were approx. 32% more successful than those led by men across a wide range of sectors, geography, and cultures. Remove the bias of the institutional investor, listen to the crowd, and women thrive.


The evidence speaks to the sheer wastefulness of the situation. When women are given an opportunity, they excel. The research shows that tech companies led by women in the creation of innovative tech start-ups achieve a 35% higher return on investment than firms led by men. It’s found that women tech entrepreneurs, despite having received 50% less venture capital funding, produce approx. 20% higher revenues than their male equivalent.


Initiatives that show how technology as a force for goodwill also help. Fifty percent of women say that feeling like the work they do makes the world a better place is the most important factor when deciding their future careers.


It is delightful to see how not just government, start-ups are also looking at the creation of a comfortable system for women to turn into entrepreneurs. A lot of women in the creation of innovative tech start-ups have been looking at empowering women with their special offerings. Major concerns of women over the period have been funds, safety, comfortable work environment, business opportunities, etc.


Someone is using cutting-edge technology, on the other hand, someone is utilizing a holistic system to create a niche space for women to enter and be an active part of development.




It becomes a challenge for women to find a comfortable working environment. Also, at times cost is not within the means to start a new venture for a lady. To address this, RevStart, a leading co-working and incubation center, is creating a nurturing and supportive ecosystem for emerging women in the creation of innovative tech start-up entrepreneurs. The start-up is providing quality co-working, incubation, and acceleration services. Dedicated to helping start-ups achieve business growth.




Financial products such as loans and credit cards have not been traditionally targeted at women. That situation is now changing with dual incomes, nuclear families, and the rising number of single women; there has been a considerable rise in women becoming decision-makers in the credit-seeking process.


The participation of women in the financial sphere in non-urban India also has seen a rise due to intensified government programs like Jan Dhan Yojana and MUDRA loans which have ushered in much-needed financial literacy. Looking at data for the past three years we see that three out four MUDRA loans disbursed have been to women.


At CreditMantri too we could observe this change, the number of credit profiled women applying through our platform for credit has increased over nine times when compared to last year and this rise was seen across products like credit cards, personal loans, and home loans.




LoanTap is a fin-tech platform delivering a bouquet of Loan Products to Women who want to start their business. From Regular EMI-based Loans to EMI Free Loans to Personal Line of Credit, LoanTap caters to all the requirements of budding Women Entrepreneurs. The digital lending platform directly dispenses Loans through its in-house NBFC. It uses technology to deliver smart and innovative products for millennials. Borrowers can choose custom-made loan products from an array of offerings like Overdraft Facility, Credit Card Takeover Loans, Rental Security Deposit Loans, Advance Salary Loans, and consumer durable loans.




Aaveg is an end-to-end mobility provider that ensures safe rides for corporate employees. Nowadays, women’s safety is one big question. With Aaveg in the picture, a woman can use the RFid card to board the corporate commutation service provided by Aaveg. This helps track the safe ride for women employees from work.


When women in the creation of innovative tech start-ups are unleashed on the tech world, new ways of living, of seeing the world, and of doing business reveal themselves.

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