Top Global Fashion Apps to Make 2022 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

The future of global fashion apps retail is already in your hands

Customers are shopping online more than ever: 67% of smartphone users say they “window shop” from global fashion apps on their phones. At just the tap of a finger, any online grocery services and food apps offer delivery right to your door, and you can order flower delivery to get your holiday gifts in on time.

Clothing apps are gaining popularity for fashion inspiration, easy-to-browse pages, and quicker access to deals. You’ll often find that these clothing apps offer special features when you’re shopping, or even unique discount codes just for shopping on the app.

Check out these best global fashion apps that are free to download. Whether you’re a new mom hoping to buy or sell baby items, want to shop more sustainably, want to streamline your closet, or could use a personal stylist for an upcoming event, here are the latest and greatest apps to fit your fashion needs:


Amazon Fashion has stepped up its fashion game lately, constantly adding affordable purses, leggings, and dresses. You can shop by designer, latest drops, sales and deals, price, and more. Worried about fit? Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on whatever you’d like for free.


Our office can’t stop raving about this one. Our digital director sells all of her clothes on thredUP, and’s editorial fellow Selena Barrientos loves how she can use filters to search for exactly what she wants. It has gotten a lot of spring wardrobe on thredUP sources claimed, adding that the app makes it easy to pay, the process returns, and chat with customer service.


With Shopbop, you can discover the latest fashion trends and new pieces from emerging designers. The global fashion apps retailer makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your most-loved items for a faster checkout experience. Also, new customers can enjoy 15% off their first Shopbop purchase with code SCORE15.


If you are continuing to use the KonMari method in your life, download Finery. Founded by model Brooklyn Decker, this app helps you organize your wardrobe by creating your virtual closet. Whether you need help putting outfits together using your clothes, or realize you have nothing to wear for an event, Finery will solve all your styling woes.


Don’t get too confused when you open up Poshmark’s app and think it’s Instagram or Facebook. The top of your screen shows circles with your social media friends’ profile pictures, which helps you navigate its accounts so you can buy and sell locally. Follow each other, and sign up for “Posh Parties,” where you can sell your stuff in a flash.

Rent The Runway:

“Rent on the run” and find things to (temporarily) store in your closet. This way, you can try out pieces from any brand while keeping your closet light. Rent the Runway’s clothing subscription app features occasion shops to help you select the dress of your dreams. Even more, after you “heart” an image, it appears in a folder that you can easily get to using the navigation panel.


We claim our power through signature style. This is why the hardest part of global fashion apps is often finding those one-of-a-kind pieces to serve beyond your daily what-to-wear necessities. With Lyst, you can discover outfits you didn’t even know could work. With over 12,000 designer brands to browse and curated recommendations tailored for you, staying up on trends is made easier. The only thing to worry about is your basket never really getting empty. 

Hermes Silk Knots:

Hermès Silk Knots app will teach you how to tie your scarf or tie in elegant and creative ways. These are tricky items with the potential to make or break any outfit when styled right or wrong. The only thing you need to do is follow the step-by-step tutorials. Hermès Silk Knots is the perfect how-to guide featuring countless tucking and tying techniques for masterful combinations worn in a million versatile ways.

Save Your Wardrobe:

The fashion revolution will not be gift-wrapped in plastic. These great global fashion apps’ mission is to help you embrace Sustainable Living through a digital wardrobe platform. A mindful companion meant to help you repair, clean, donate, and buy new items in an eco-conscious way. Make the most of what you already own and discover innovative methods to upcycle and extend your clothes’ life. 

30 Wears:

Allegedly, Marie Antoinette and Kim Kardashian have never worn the same outfit twice. Those of us with less fame and fortune require a more sustainable fashion approach. The #30wearschallenge initiative was started by Olivia Firth of Eco-Age as a way to empower people for a positive change in consumer habits. Each piece of clothing has a direct impact on our planet, our communities, and our wallets regardless of whether it ends up on a red carpet or in a landfill. By committing to wearing something at least 30 times, you disrupt the waste cycle!

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