Top Fashion Brands Bet on Digital Clothing – Fashion Moving into Metaverse

Fashion moving into metaverse may be divided into two types: mixed physical-digital, and wholly digital

With the rising popularity of the Metaverse, the fashion moving into metaverse turns into a global empire, involving both the major luxury brands and retail consumers. However, we began to talk loudly about it only in 2020. 

Why the metaverse is so important for fashion Brands?

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Metaverse is nothing but internet-breaking, free from the two-dimensional barrier into this three-dimensional environment. And then we start exploring more and more with our daily lives, and our daily lives become enhanced, then that’s what we see as the Metaverse.

Then, there was a collaboration with Adidas, Off-White, Vetements, and Balenciaga. These brands were interested in introducing fashion moving into metaverse digitalization even before it blew up in the mass media discourse. Note that the COVID-19 pandemic had yet to happen and people were not stuck at home. Thus, there was no need for digital clothing at all. Nevertheless, it happened and fashion digitalization was predicting the future in the virtual realm.

Digital fashion lovers claim that this is how they save the environment. As some put it: There is no need to buy a real thing for a photo on Instagram. Well, but what’s next? What is the percentage of people who will constantly buy digital things for posts on social networks? Would that be just for fun? Would that be all the time?

There are several probable scenarios. The first one, and the most realistic, is the digital fitting rooms. To see how new potential clothing fits you, it would be nice to try it on without leaving your home. It would be wise to attract customers to these potential applications. Some stores are trying to implement this feature. At this stage, however, everything is quite buggy. People are still getting entertained and this feature attracts customers. In general, this gives a picture of the attitude of real users to digital fashion. Currently, it’s like a game for them, while brands see it as a marketing opportunity.

Digital fashion and gaming industry:

Next, where we can use digital fashion is, of course, computer games. For example, with the landmark collaboration between Balenciaga and Fortnite, buying a Balenciaga-inspired skin in the game grants you the opportunity to buy the piece in real life.

You’ve dressed up yourself, then dress up your character, what a stroke of genius for gamers. Fortnite generally makes good money on built-in purchases, as users have spent over a billion dollars on in-game purchases for their characters.

The empire of digital fashion:

In a short time, the digital fashion moving into the metaverse market grew into a huge empire, incomprehensible to most users. Entrepreneurial businessmen develop beautiful stories where we can hear about sustainability, protecting the planet, and unusual designs that will never be implemented because they are simply unrealistic for production.

Brands are happy to use digital fashion as another coverage opportunity but it is not applicable and is not as beautiful in life, as may sound. For example, during the pandemic, Russian brand Alexander Terekhov launched a promotion where his couture dresses could be placed on a photo. According to the comments from participants, it turns out that there was a huge number of difficulties and pitfalls — the deadlines were delayed because the photos did not fit and the dresses did not look right on the client. However, the brand received the desired coverage opportunity in the media.

Therefore, digital fashion moving into metaverse is another tool for promoting the brand or a way to earn money for start-ups and digital designers. In a couple of months, all secrets of the new market will be revealed and one would be able to bring their brand to the world of meta fashion. However, the future is unclear. Will you design dresses for already famous brands or will you make your own? Will, they wear the clothes you make in the Metaverse or use ready-made photos.

Metaverse generating a new fashion universe:

In this virtual era delivering a fresh new tri understanding of the world, fashion is considered a form of soul and identity construction, just as it is in real life. Even with fashion moving into Metaverse growing more integrated into people’s daily lives, it is projected that clothing will become more important both in the digital and actual worlds. 

As a result, as the virtual world grows as a market with significant possibilities for the fashion sector, NFT accelerates this change, resulting in exotic pieces in the virtual era. Companies are selling garments that can only be worn in the digital world, in contrast to the online presence of firms selling goods in the actual world, pushing fashion to a new level.

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