The Internet is Not Working for Women – Father Figures on the Internet Threaten Women

Father figures threaten women. Is the internet being against women?

Is it true that the Father figures of the internet are a threat to women? Well, earlier today, TikTok banned Andrew Tate, the influencer known for spreading intense misogyny. And Meta and Instagram did so earlier last week and so did Twitter, after claiming that rape victims should “take responsibility” for their attacks. Other “erotic passages” of Tate include describing women as possessions, while calling them lazy, and saying they belong inside the home. It may be blocked now, but the damage is already done. Tate’s reach is unfathomable on TikTok, he has more than 11 billion views. 

The gods and fathers represented by the letters G and F have long served as cultural symbols; myths exalt them and sustain their function as social order-makers. They have children. The men who model themselves after they serve as a reminder of our country’s long history of discrimination, brutality, and isolation. In a civilized society, they are typically outcasts, but on the Internet, they have cult status. As a result, Andrew Tate emerged as a significant father figure for the young generation. This phenomenon highlights a troubling Internet trend in which rising progressiveness is met with a terrifyingly potent counterpunch from a cult of patriarchal individuals who pose as resistance. They preserve male supremacy and a type of masculinity that can only coexist with misogyny by demeaning women and those who are not bisexual by enforcing more traditional rules regarding sexuality.

Tate’s appeal stems from the way he educates young men on how to behave, giving them a ready-made guide to numerous milestones in their life, although he is more outwardly nasty for his views on women. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, acts similarly as a patriarch of virtue while pitting the weak against the weaker members of society.

These men mock facts, history, and reasoning that the Awakened Left wants us all to forget. They emphasize what they define as the “natural” condition of affairs, including gender roles, biological sex, and hierarchy. The Tate is the flip side of the same coin that “you say it as it is,” when Jordan Peterson uses language that sounds right but isn’t. According to Nathan J. Robinson, “Peterson communicates to disenfranchised millennial men, validates their preconceptions against feminists, and serves as a surrogate father,” explaining how our current political climate has given rise to individuals like him.

Therefore, Peterson’s rise to cultural prominence especially among men should have served as a caution about how he would open doors for others to succeed him. As “postmodern Marxism” (a useless coin in and of itself), social justice discourse is frequently criticized for weakening converts’ rights and criticizing the laws that support them. In other words, it’s the internet’s “red pill” – a term that describes a distortion in someone’s understanding of the world, usually for the worse, and leads to a nihilistic, cruel and misogynistic view afterward. The term has its origins in the matrix, Where the protagonist Neo is offered a choice between taking a blue pill, which would allow him to remain satisfied with ignorance, or the red pill, which would show him a life-changing truth about the world. And Andrew Tate, by the way, preaches to his mostly male followers about “escaping the Matrix” along with giving them professional advice on how to treat women and find masculine societies.

Their impact transcends borders because they speak to patriarchy’s universal lowest common denominator. Their deceptively straightforward worldview is appealing to a wide audience since it holds that every culture has faced resistance to arbitrary social hierarchies because they were created as unequal social structures, notably along gender lines. However, the Petersons and Tates of the world solidify an arbitrary connection between the persistence of ideology and the natural world. In other words, anything should be considered normal if it has always been that way. In turn, this means that men can reclaim their authority on this basis, thus becoming the father, the poster child for a return to the unsettled state of the present.

The possibility that women may already be in danger online for identity theft, stalking, spying, and other issues that have offline repercussions like harassment in personal and professional settings, as well as physical violence and defamation. when women already face a lot of dangerous hazards. Some developing men’s minds may be influenced by this type of male dominance rhetoric and statements about women, leading them to believe the words of individuals like Tate and to view themselves as the superior gender.

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