Women Techpreneurs are Playing a Large Role in Shaping the Future


Women in tech are and will be playing a key role in the future. How are women techpreneurs helping?

The way business is done is changing, and so are women techpreneurs’ views on “conventional” business practises. Additionally, there is data that suggests that women in tech will have a significant impact on how the company is run in the future.

By defeating every attempt to obliterate women employees, they rose to become leaders, rulers, and decision-makers. And it wouldn’t be incorrect to claim that women business owners are bringing about change in the current tech environment because of their talent, intelligence, tenacity, passion, and innovation.

According to experts, organisations with a diverse mix of genders have vibrant economies. Additionally, it makes good financial sense because different viewpoints enable improved decision-making. However, for only a few years now the topic of gender equality in the workplace has been a part of a bigger discussion. However, commercial organisations have been working harder to achieve gender diversity, notably in the technology sector.

The most effective and harmonious business teams are those that include both men and women, and the IT sector benefits when women are equally represented in staff structures. Women are attentive, supportive, patient, nurturing, empathetic, and passionate about everything they do, which are all traits that are crucial for leadership, management, and service.

It may be argued that over time, there has been a significant increase in the participation of women in India’s technological sector. Over the last few decades, the Indian IT industry has experienced tremendous growth. Women’s engagement in the workforce has significantly expanded throughout time, despite the fact that it has historically been predominately male.

Their representation has expanded within the tech environment, and it can be claimed that they are poised to significantly alter the tech scene in India as STEM courses accept more women and IT businesses hire more female employees.

With the goal of inspiring and influencing more women to follow in their footsteps, several women techpreneurs are solely hiring female employees in their organisations and some are organising leadership and entrepreneurship workshops. In other instances, they continually motivate ambitious businesspeople and new talent to take the less-travelled route of starting their own enterprises by sharing their stories of the trip they took as technopreneurs or entrepreneurs.

Successful female businesswomen and technopreneurs are paving the way for newcomers; they inspire others to believe in their own abilities and work together to support one another. Women leaders are also looking to develop new leaders and are teaching them the skills necessary to do both.

In India, 20.37% of MSME owners are women, making up 23.3% of the labour force. They are regarded as the foundation of the economy. By expanding women’s involvement in the labour force, India has the potential to boost the global GDP by 700 billion US dollars, claims McKinsey Global. Women make up a greater proportion of the workforce in manufacturing and agriculture than males do.

These industries are frequently credited with raising household income and assisting families in escaping poverty. Additionally, women’s literacy rates increased by 8.8% in FY21, highlighting the nation’s promising future.

The economy benefits greatly from the growth of women-owned enterprises. With 432 million women of working age and 13.5 to 15.7 million women-owned companies in India, 22 to 27 million individuals are directly employed. In addition, women are running a number of companies. Indian women are powerful business entrepreneurs who value independence.

The Boston Consulting Group estimates that over a five-year period, start-ups created or cofounded by women bring in 10% greater overall revenue. These start-ups employ 3 times as many women as men and have a more welcoming workplace environment. In addition, it is predicted that in the coming five years, women-led firms will grow by 90%.

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