Women in Business: Seattle’s Top Female Leaders Making Waves

Here are Women in Business: Seattle’s Top Female Leaders Making Waves.

Seattle has a vibrant business scene, and its female leaders are making great strides in a variety of industries. Here are some outstanding women in business who are making waves in Seattle.

Emily Allportdecorative

Emily Allport is the visionary owner and founder of Lowrider Cookie Company, a Seattle bakery known for its creativity and delicious flavors. With a passion for baking and an interest in art, Allport assembles her cookies with unique ingredients and flavors. From well-prepared sugar cookies to satisfying blends of sweet treats, the Lowrider Cookies Company satisfies customers with every bite. Allport’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity for his bakery stood out in the Seattle culinary scene. With her innovative style, Emily Allport brings joy and deliciousness to the palate of any cookie lover.

Katherine Lam

Katherine Lam serves as the active CEO and President of Bambuja Hospitality Group, a leading culinary business in Seattle. With a vision of the best ingredients and a passion for Vietnamese food, Lam led Bambuja to become a cornerstone of the city’s restaurant scene. Under his leadership, Bambuja offers an authentic and vibrant dining experience, blending traditional flavors with modern innovations. Lama’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement has earned Bambuja admiration and a loyal following. Under her guidance, Katherine Lam continues to redefine Vietnamese hospitality in downtown Seattle.

Kristi Holmes

Kristy Holmes is the owner of The Confectionery, a luxury bakery in downtown Seattle. With a passion for creativity and a passion for dessert, Holmes creates delicious dishes that delight the senses. From artisanal cakes to artisanal chocolates, The Confectionary offers a tempting range of sweets that are sure to satisfy any palate. Holmes’ commitment to quality and attention to detail have earned his bakery a loyal following among locals and tourists, making it a favorite hangout spot in Seattle.

Jennifer Longley

Jennifer Longley is the CEO and owner of Planewear, a Seattle retailer specializing in aviation-related apparel and accessories. With a passion for aviation and a passion for design, Langley has created a unique collection that appeals to aviation enthusiasts around the world. Under his leadership, Plainware has become the go-to destination for travelers seeking outstanding and high-quality deals coming from flying. Langley’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft have led to Plainware’s success and recognition as a must-visit destination for aviation enthusiasts visiting Seattle

Stephanie Haradecorative

Co-owner of Show Pony, Show Pony is a Seattle-based clothing and jewelry store featuring high-quality, hand-selected pieces from independent designers.

Our co-owners and passionate entrepreneurs are Stephanie Hara and Greg Laversen. Since opening in 2008, Show Pony has expanded to serve two Seattle locations in Fremont and SeaTac, as well as a growing online community.

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