Top 10 Women who are Making Moves in Healthcare Industry


Women in healthcare are making significant changes. Here are the top 10 C-Suite women.

Making sure that more women in healthcare hold leadership positions is a matter of considerable public interest. Many recommended solutions are based on the erroneous belief that female healthcare workers tend to imitate males, and hence reverse their insufficiently represented ranks of power. The shortage of qualified female healthcare employees in the healthcare industry is not the main issue, rather, there are extremely few barriers for qualified men to overcome, which explains the overabundance of brash, egotistical, and dishonest individuals in positions of authority.

Here are the top ten C-Suite women that are making significant moves in the healthcare industry.

1. Karen Dyer

From Vandalia, Illinois The new CEO of Sarah Bush Lincoln Fayette County Hospital is Karen Dyer. Previously serving as the hospital’s director of rehabilitative services, Ms. Dyer has held many executive positions. She has worked for the hospital for twenty years. In terms of patient experience and employee engagement, her divisions have consistently ranked at or above the 75th percentile. Karen will do a great job leading SBL Fayette County Hospital, and the Vandalia neighbourhood will warmly welcome her.

2. Marie Moore

In a Sept. 7th 2022 statement, Mercy Hospital Springfield (Mo.) announced the appointment of John Myers as the new COO and Marie Moore as the new CNO of Mercy Springfield Communities. The HCA Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, where Mr. Myers most recently worked, has nuclear medicine training. As a surgical tech, Ms. Moore has worked at Mercy Hospital Springfield for 14 years. Her most recent position as executive director of operations marked her shift from providing bedside treatment to a variety of managerial roles.

3. Melissa Lockwood

Grafton City Hospital, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, has appointed Melissa Lockwood as its chief administrative officer. Currently serving as Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital’s chief administrative officer, also in Morgantown, West Virginia, is Ms. Lockwood. She will work at both hospitals in the position. Since 2019, Grafton City Hospital has a partnership with Mon Health. Ms. Lockwood previously held the post of the chief financial officer at Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital.

4. Jodi Rucker

ProMedica Memorial Hospital and ProMedica Fostoria (Ohio) Community Hospital, both located in Fremont, Ohio, have appointed Jodi Rucker, MSN, RN, as their new presidents, effective Sept. 5. Since April 2022, Ms. Rucker has held the position of acting president. She presently serves as the chief nursing officer and vice president of patient care for hospitals. While president, she will go on in these capacities.

5. Geeta Nayyar

Dr. Geeta Nayyar is a nationally renowned expert in healthcare IT, a physician executive, a public speaker, and an author who enjoys expressing her distinctive viewpoints on clinical medicine, business, communications, and digital health. She presently holds the positions of Executive Medical Director for Salesforce as well as General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences. University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is where Dr. Nayyar obtained her medical degree.

6. Julieann Esper Rainville

Julieann Esper Rainville is a seasoned executive in the healthtech industry and served as the Chief Strategy Officer of PointClickCare before taking the helm as President last year. With PointClickCare being designated one of Canada’s best-managed firms by Deloitte, her reputation as a proactive, decisive leader has produced significant results.

7. Andrea Kowalski

Andrea Kowalski serves as Tebra’s Senior Vice President of Products. Tebra is a market leader in practice growth technology and a leading provider of cloud-based clinical and practice management software solutions for independent healthcare practices and billing companies. She oversaw the creation of Kareo’s integrated telehealth solution in 2020 and contributed to a 40% rise in provider adoption during her tenure.

8. Kristen Valdes

Kristen Valdes is the founder and CEO of the all-in-one health platform b.well and has been a lifelong supporter of providing healthcare solutions to marginalized people. Valdes has used her wealth of leadership and healthcare experience to convert b.well into a significant participant in the healthcare industry. Industry honors have been given to b.well under Valdes’ direction, including Top Innovator in Accenture’s Global Health Tech Innovation Challenge.

9. Neeraj Isaac

Neeraj Isaac’s experience as Chief Technology Officer of Hallmark Health Care Solutions (HHCS) is essential to the company’s capacity to create and deploy cutting-edge technology for the healthcare workforce and compensation management. Isaac is a technical visionary with 30 years of expertise in healthcare technology who excels at helping organizations quickly align with new technologies and accomplish desired outcomes

10. Eve Stacey

Eve Stacey, the Chief Customer Officer of Accolade, Inc., lays the groundwork for hypergrowth by overseeing the go-to-market activities for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies to unicorns. She does this by directing channels, sales, marketing, customer success, and field operations for these businesses.

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