Top 10 Women Trailblazers in the World of Cloud Computing


Tech women are emerging better than ever. Here are the top 10 women in cloud computing

Women significantly contribute to the growth and success of the cloud computing business, one of the fastest-growing segments in the computer industry. These women in cloud computing are paving the path for cloud computing innovation and technology by shattering barriers and breaking through glass ceilings. These female trailblazers in the cloud have been the impetus behind some of the biggest developments in cloud computing, from the architecture and design to the privacy and security measures.

Their vision, leadership, and technical know-how have molded the cloud computing sector into what it is today. In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 tech women in the field of cloud computing and their outstanding achievements.

 1. Ursula Burns

The first Black woman to lead Xerox, a Fortune 500 corporation, was Ursula Burns. She led the company’s transition to cloud-based services during her tenure and assisted in making Xerox a top supplier of cloud-based solutions. Burns has been hailed as one of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women” for her ingenuity and leadership in the digital sector.

2. Diane Greene

Diane Greene is a pioneer in the field of cloud computing, having helped develop VMware, a well-known provider of virtualization software. Later, she rose to become the head of Google’s cloud division, where she was instrumental in developing the business’s cloud capabilities and customer base. Greene has been admitted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame and is widely regarded as a visionary in the IT sector.

3. Padmasree Warrior

Technology executive Padmasree Warrior has served in executive capacities with organizations including Motorola, Cisco, and NIO. She is renowned for her skills in digital transformation and cloud computing. Warrior has mentored many young women interested in careers in technology and is a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.

4. Sandy Carter

A tech executive and author named Sandy Carter, has written extensively about cloud computing and digital transformation. She has occupied executive positions at businesses including IBM and Amazon Web Services, where she assisted in the creation and promotion of cloud-based solutions. At conferences and other tech-related events, Carter frequently speaks.

5. Megan Smith

Megan Smith is a tech professional and businesswoman who has worked at organizations including Google and General Electric. She has pushed for the use of cloud computing in public service and education since she is a big proponent of diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. Under President Barack Obama, Smith oversaw efforts to update governmental IT systems while serving as the country’s chief technology officer.

6. Tiffani Bova

Tech executive and author Tiffani Bova has published a lot of articles about cloud computing and digital transformation. She is a recognized leader in the field of customer experience and one of the most influential people in the tech sector. Bova has worked with organizations like Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce to create and promote cloud-based solutions. He is also a highly sought-after speaker and advisor.

7. Jocelyn DeGance Graham

Jocelyn DeGance Graham is the founder and CEO of CloudNOW, a nonprofit that aids women in the cloud computing sector. She has worked to promote the use of cloud computing in education and government service and is a prominent champion for diversity and inclusion in ICT. Graham has been recognized for her leadership and innovation in the digital sector and has been named one of Forbes’ “Women to Watch.”

8. Geetha Kannan

The Anita Borg Institute, a nonprofit that assists women in technology, was founded by Geetha Kannan and she currently serves as its CEO. She has received recognition for her leadership and innovation in the field as a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion in the digital sector.

9. Rima Qureshi

Tech executive Rima Qureshi has held management positions at organizations including Ericsson and Verizon. She is acknowledged for her contributions to the industry and is a pioneer in the field of cloud computing. Qureshi is a strong supporter of women in technology.

 10. Dr. Angel Diaz

As vice president of developer advocacy and technology at IBM, Dr. Angel Diaz is an expert in this field. He has received recognition for his contributions to the industry and is a renowned authority on cloud computing. Moreover, Diaz is an outspoken supporter of open-source software and diversity in the computer industry.

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