Top 10 Women of Color that are Changing the Start-Up Marketing Game

Women of Color that are Changing the Start-Up Marketing Game

The top 10 women of color that are changing the marketing game among other women entrepreneurs

Women of color have excelled at the start-up marketing game. With their extensive job expertise, these businesswomen have created outstanding strategic plans.

All of these women entrepreneurs are either the owner of their own businesses or senior marketing professional in top management. The top 10 female entrepreneurs of color are listed below.

1.Courtney Culmer

Strategic communications and marketing expert Courtney J. Culmer has more than ten years of expertise advising Fortune 500 companies and small business owners on media and communications issues. The woman entrepreneur is Uplevel Communication’s founder. Courtney works with clients to develop a compelling narrative for their brand and then makes sure that the appropriate audiences hear it and share it. The businesswoman is a connector, storyteller, and wordsmith extraordinaire.

2.Atim Oton

Nigerian-born, American and British-educated designer Atim Annette Oton is now a curator. The female entrepreneur founded the Creative Side, Experience Africa, and is a co-owner of Calabar Imports, a 15-year-old Brooklyn retail company. The woman of color oversees the African art collections at Bronx:Africa and the AMREF Health Africa ARTBALL.

3.Halima Hubbard

Bemix, a digital beauty counter with social commerce that enables users to engage with one another and curate promoted goods, was founded by Halima Hubbard. The woman entrepreneur has successfully ran this business because to her marketing abilities. The businesswoman’s initiative is really original and it fosters interpersonal relationships. Halima is an actual marketing expert.

4.Marfry Hernandez

The female entrepreneur developed her creative technological innovation skills over the course of eight years in the production industry. She is the founder of FLY FRY Films, a multimedia business that is concentrating on creating its own multimedia social application called Zion Quest. She is passionate about increasing diversity in workplaces and creating intentional content.

5.Nia Larry

The woman entrepreneur is working to establish herself as a major force in the advertising and related industries, acting as a catalyst for changing digital spaces by utilizing art, culture, and analytics to support and promote inclusive representations of multicultural identities in media. She is a graduate of Howard University and the ONE School portfolio program.

The woman of color invests her time, talent, and expertise in advertising and marketing to help brands highlight the human experience and catalyze change movements. The marketing professional is rigorous with initiatives and experiences that provide those opportunities because she is aware of the ways in which people can relate, connect, and grow together.

6.Faune Salone

She is one of the co-founders of Buddy Upward, an app powered by AI that recommends events and activities for users who share similar interests. The female marketer is an expert in selecting the most effective tactics for her app to bring out the best in people.

7.Selene Guerrero

The woman entrepreneur is the creator of Memecast, a news and meme platform on the Tezos blockchain, which was founded by Rotunda LLC. The busineswoman is a seasoned marketing manager with expertise in community involvement, marketing outreach, project management, content strategy, social media management, advertising, professional writing, event organising, client relations, and campaign development. Female entrepreneur’s main area of interest has been promoting local government services, but she has recently shifted her attention to economic development, where she is learning and working to highlight the strengths of our community and spur growth.

8.Asiah Williams

The woman of color is the creator of Emphasize, a digital magazine that uses storytelling, brand collaborations, and innovative marketing to promote body and size inclusiveness in the fashion industry. She has a keen interest in comprehending, enriching, and recording the human experience through a journalistic perspective since she is passionate about people, their stories, and the brands that form them. Her interest is piqued by diversely owned brands, intersectionality, and inclusive collaboration in the fashion and lifestyle sector.

9.Cenita Johnson

She is the founder of Three Owl Communications Inc., which offers tools and material to educate, empower, and inspire women in their midlife and later years. She supports women in their mid-life in identifying and pursuing their mid-life calling so they can contribute to improving the world.

10.Tameka Christmas

Direct-O, which links businesses with influencers in an effort to address the wage gap for influencers of colour, was founded by Tameka Christmas. She is a multi-talented branding and event strategist with experience in branding, event planning, photography, network building, and creating opportunities for others to brand their businesses. She was formerly a middle school math teacher. Tameka’s goal is to enable mothers to pursue their passions and have lives beyond parenting.

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