Top 10 Travel Groups for Women to Check Out Before Planning a Trip


Women’s travel groups are getting much-needed attention. Here are the top 10 travel groups.

Many of you may have already begun to plan your trip, whether you’re going with friends, family, or on your own. But did you know that you may join a tour group for women and explore uncharted territory with them as well? And there are worse inspirations to draw from than some allfemale travel groups, where the participants defy all odds to achieve their goals.

There are no better travel groups to join if you are a woman eager to travel with other like-minded women. Women in the outdoors are really inspirational. Here is a list of the top 10 women’s travel groups in India.

1. Ladakhi Women’s Travel

If you’ve been wanting to travel to Ladakh, you’ll love learning about Ladakhi Women’s Travel, which was established by local women. The company which is run by Thinlas Chorol, one of Ladakh’s most successful female tour guides, specialises in homestay experiences so that guests can truly immerse themselves in the local culture. Additionally, this arrangement benefits the Ladakh homestay owners who are women.

2. Soul Purpose

Vidya Deshpande is not like the majority of us who are content with spending the entire day working on a laptop in a cubicle. Like women who go to different locations and get knowledge from fresh experiences, she gave up her work as a journalist to form a travel group. Their emphasis is on travelling to less well-known locations and getting a close-up view of indigenous cultures.

3. Women On Wanderlust

The Wow Club is another travel organisation that adheres to the off-the-beaten-path philosophy; it was founded by Sumitra Senapaty in 2005. They mainly avoid the well-known and frequently clichéd locations, instead, choosing to explore the less well-known ones. They particularly enjoyed eating with a Vietnamese family, taking snorkelling lessons in the Maldives, sampling the best Bordeaux in Bordeaux, camping in Ladakh, listening to meditative Sufi music in Jodhpur, and dancing the vivacious Tango in Argentina.

4. Girls On The Go

This travel organisation, which was founded in 2008 by 25 women, takes itself very seriously. You can do it all with them, from flying over the renowned Leh-Manali Highway to trekking through the untamed mountains of Mongolia, living in euphoria, admiring the breathtaking Northern Lights in the Arctic, or even strolling with penguins in Antarctica.

5. Jugni

Two males established Jugni to assist women in taking the vacation they’ve always wanted after realising how crucial independence is for the more vulnerable sex to develop fully. Jugni offers group and single travel options, and the trip planners will accommodate all of your needs. Women prefer going out with friends to a large group of strangers, thus groups of no more than 14 people give them that feeling.

6. Wandering Jane

Garima and Akshat decided enough was enough after ten years in the corporate world. They thought of doing something more worthwhile, and so Wandering Jane came into being. Along with planning group excursions, they also make every effort to ensure that women who travel alone do so safely and with the utmost enjoyment.

7. Chindi Safar

Who says that travelling must be expensive, especially for women? Women who travel the world can have the time of their lives at Chindi Safar without having to break the bank, thanks to their efforts. They incorporate a variety of enjoyable activities like treasure hunts, parties, and dance workshops despite the fact that their vacations are inexpensive. The option to travel first and pay later is also available, in addition to a meal that has been carefully chosen and a trained trekking guides.

8. Wovoyage

Wovoyage is a genuinely global all-women travel company that offers both group and solo trips. The club, which has bases in Delhi, Tokyo, and Sydney, brings together travellers from India and abroad as well as businesspeople, tour operators, and other people involved in the travel sector.

9. Wander Womaniya

Despite your desire to travel, your girl group may not be interested in travelling. With their well thought-out solo excursions for women, Wander Womaniya is here to look after you. From the tranquil beaches of Thailand or Bali to the snow-capped summits of the Himalayas, they beckon women for an unforgettable encounter with the outdoors and adrenaline.

10. Women on Clouds

As opposed to other destinations, Women On Clouds does not charge more for solo travellers, making it a wonderful choice for women who want to travel alone. Your trip will be an unforgettable experience thanks to their carefully selected tour partners, which include hotels, transportation, and more. In addition, the travel groups put you in touch with women of all ages and backgrounds.

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